How I Met Your Mother Review: “The Best Man”/“The Naked Truth”

After a really shaky final couple of episodes last season, How I Met Your Mother started off their seventh (can you believe it?) season with two strong and solid episodes.

I have gotten to the point with this show where I really no longer care about who the mother is to Ted’s children. It’s not what keeps me coming back week after week, season after season. What keeps me coming back are the characters; I am emotionally invested in the lives of these characters and their stories.

We left off last season with it being reveled that Ted would meet his future wife at a wedding and whose wedding was it? Barney’s. That’s right, somehow Barney manages to find a way to settle down and tie the knot. However still don’t know to whom (though they did throw some clues at us.) However, even though How I Met Your Mother has thrown yet another mystery at us; one that may not be even answered this season, I am still smitten with this show.

In the premiere episode we see that the gang all follows Ted to Punchy’s wedding. If you remember Ted was asked to be Punchy best man and he fulfills theses duties. Much of the premiere episode takes place at Punchy’s wedding and I have to say it was quite a fun thing to watch, mainly because the episode primarily focused on my favorite on/off couple, Barney and Robin. They really stole this premiere episode away with their undeniable chemistry and heart. Did anyone else die of a little sadness when Robin helped Barney with his phone call to Nora? I was nearly in tears. I have a feeling Robin is going to break my heart the same way Barney did back in season 4. Gahh if she is not the bride to Barney I am going to be very upset!!

The second episode focused primarily on Marshall, which I have to say I loved. Jason Segal is just a phenomenal actor and I love that he has become to really carry this show in much of the way Neil Patrick Harris did during the first four seasons of this show. As we learned at the end of last season, Marshall and Lily are having a baby! Which means Marshall really needs to find a job. Luckily he gets a call from one of the top environmental law firms in NYC. They are ready to hire him but they need to run a background check first. So Marshall Googles himself and finds a video of himself streaking back in college. It is a hilarious video and he spends much of the episode tracking down the uploader and trying to get the video taken down. It was funny and it made me laugh but it also taught us that Marshall is ready to grow up and be a father. I personally can’t wait to see how this goes down because you know it is going to be a hilariously touching transformation.

Then there was Barney, who spent much of the second episode trying to convince Nora that he wanted to be with her still and that he wanted a second chance. He spent over 24 hours at a diner to tell her that he has changed and that he wants to commit to just her. Eventually she gives in and accepts his offer for a second date. All I am going to say is she better not be the one he marries. That is all.

Now we’ve come to Ted and that little curveball Carter Bays and Craig Thomas threw at us at the end of the episode. You guys!!! Victoria is BACK!!!!! For those of you who may have forgotten, Victoria was Ted’s girlfriend from season one, played by the charming and beautiful Ashley Williams. Victoria was the cupcake chick whom Ted had explosive chemistry with yet cheated on with Robin.

Where this is going to lead is anyones guess, especially since its become pretty clear that she is defiantly not the mother. However I am curious to see where this return leads and it sure as hell makes me excited for next week!

Other Thoughts:

~ Barney and Robins Dance was EPIC!

~ Bow down to Beercules!

~The color coded charts Ted made=hilarious and oh so Ted.

~Edward 40 hands!!!!

What did everyone else thing about the premiere?



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