2 Broke Girls Review: Pilot

I want to talk about my love for 2 Broke Girls.

I don’t love 2 Broke Girls because one of the lead characters has the name Caroline, (ok maybe that might be part of it); I love it because it is a smart, witty, charming, and funny comedy that has characters that are not all that annoying and actually interesting.

I knew right after seeing the promos for 2 Broke Girls that this show was going to be hilarious. The show is about 2 chicks in Brooklyn working at a diner, one who has lived on the side of poverty her whole life, named Max (played by the always charming, Kat Dennings) and the other who just lost all of her money thanks to her father’s poor investments, named Caroline (played by newcomer Beth Behrs). They come together when Caroline is hired on as the new waitress and she takes a notice to Max’s cupcakes. After finding out that her boyfriend has been cheating on her, Max invites Caroline to live with her as they begin to plan their new cupcake business.

It’s not the most original premise, in fact it’s very Odd Couple-esqe but it works. The creators have created fully realized characters whose backstories I am extremely interested in. Caroline could have easily been a bratty spoiled rich girl who could have sucked the air out of the room every time she appeared on screen but she is the exact opposite.  She is smart and funny and has a sharp tongue that can keep up with Kat Denning’s, Max. She wasn’t anything like that socialite mother, Peach, that Max nanny’s for. I hope they get rid of her fast. She was bland and uninteresting.

Then there is an interesting supporting cast. There is the old black dude host, Earl, played by Garrett Morris, who has witty one liners and then there is the fat Russian cook, Oleg (Played by Jonathan Kite) who always hits on Max. The manager of the diner is a Chinese dude named Han Lee ( Matthew Moy) who wants to change is first name to Bryce. The cast all has a lot of chemistry with each other which is very important in setting up a comedy.

I am a fan of this show. I will be watching week after week for as long as it lasts as long as it uses these characters to their fullest potential. Which I think they can. Don’t get me wrong, this is not the best new comedy of the year, that award goes high and fly to MTV’s Awkward, but this has potential to be a really great series. Just think of all the adventures these two broke girls can get themselves into in NYC. See what I mean? Full of potential! Lets hope they do this show justice!

What did everyone else think?

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