Awkward Review: My Super Bittersweet Sixteen

The infamous sweet sixteenth birthday; romanticized in movies like Sixteen Candles and exploited to the fullest by the same network that has given us this gem that is Awkward; it is both a blessing and a curse to teenage girls. This basically means that the sixteenth birthday plot should make for a good episode of a teen comedy. This week on Awkward, it is Jenna’s 16th birthday and up until the end of the episode, it was about to be her worst birthday ever.

Last week we were all shocked and stunned by the revelation that Tamara was the one who one who wrote Jenna the letter. This week we see that Jenna has sorta forgotten that little tidbit because she still believes that what she did to Tamara (kissing Ricky Shwarz) was way worse. I wish I could have told her that it wasn’t. What Tamara did was way worse and I kinda wish that they had explored that a little more but oh well, it was Jenna’s 16th birthday; they had other things to explore.

Jenna’s 16th birthday started out horribly. First, she failed her driver’s test and then her father made her go to school because he couldn’t hang out with her for the day thanks to meetings. Then she gets to school and Tamara still isn’t talking to her, Ming is out sick, and Matty is still hurt by the stuff she said to him at her party. Val then embarrasses Jenna in front of the whole school by singing a birthday rap to her a lunch. Jenna then gets her period. This is not her day whatsoever.

Then Jenna goes to the football game, where Jake asks her to sit with him. I love Jake but I am starting to realize that he may be no better than Matty. I mean, he knows his feelings for Jenna and yet he still hasn’t dumped his girlfriend. It’s not fair that he is playing subtle misleading mind games with both girls, even if Lissa is a complete ditz. Matty doesn’t seem too happy with Jake and Jenna’s friendship either and neither does Sadie who out of anger and jealously spills her iced coffee all over Jenna’s shirt. That kind of confused me a little because doesn’t Jenna still have that info about Sadie’s journal? So why is Sadie still pulling shit like that towards Jenna? Jenna has some power over her and Sadie should know better; it’s going to come back to bite her in the ass.

Then there was the last 5 minutes of the episode that totally had me considering switching to Team Matty. After he took her home and she asked if they could still be friends, Matty seemed a little stuck. You could see from his reaction in the car that he didn’t want to be just friends with Jenna. He even told her that the reason her words hurt him so much was because he didn’t want her to think that low of him. It was totally sweet and honest and defiantly made me respect him some more. Than he showed up to her room late at night and told her that he was ready to commit to her because he too wanted something more. It was such a sweet Sixteen Candles type moment. How could you not start to switch to Team Matty after that scene? Totally adorable.

Why are there only 3 episodes left? I don’t want this show to go away for months!!! I want it to always be on!! It’s so good! MTV PLEASE BRING THIS SHOW BACK EARLY FOR SEASON 2!!!! It’s so obvious that people love this show, as its ratings rose this week and it was on at 11:30pm!! That is incredible! I am so happy that this show has become a huge hit because it totally deserves it!

Other Thoughts:

~Loved that they used Sixteen Candles as a basis for this week’s episode. I hope they have a breakfast club like one soon!!

~Loved Val’s impression of Long Duk Dong. CLASSIC!!

~Kyle (aka Jenna’s Stalker) is back!!! I hope we see more of him! love him!

~I can’t believe that Lacey put a mirror above Jenna’s bed. She is only 16 for gods sake! Lacey stop acting like a kid!!!

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