Ringer Review: Pilot

Ladies and Gentleman: Sarah Michelle Geller has returned to television.

After eight, long and tedious, years since the end of Buffy,  SMG has made her return to television with the new CW show Ringer.

Too bad the pilot sucked.

If you are one of my loyal readers, like all 5 of you, you know that I like about, almost, everything. I’ve stuck with the disastrous Gossip Girl for four seasons and I continue to think highly of How I Met Your Mother, even after the whole Zoey mess. I watch almost every ABC Family show and I watch every CW show. I know bad television. However, Ringer isn’t just bad television; it’s armature television when it should be great television and that’s why it sucked.

I mean, come on CW. You were handed a show from CBS that starred Sarah Michelle Geller, Nestor Carbonell, Kris Paloha, and Ioan Gruffudd. This is a talented cast so why did you give them a boring script and make it look like it was cheaply made? The green screen you used during the boat scene in the first ten minutes of the pilot? That is not armature, that is just lazy and you should have known better.

You know what else is lazy? Thinking this film noir like show needs your classic CW indie pop music. Let me tell you something, it doesn’t. This show isn’t one of your teen shows like Gossip Girl, 90210, or The Vampire Diaries. It is supposed to be more mature than that, (or at least that’s what you spent all summer trying to advertise it to us as.)

I guess I should probably get to what the show is about now huh?

Geller is playing dual roles; she plays estranged twins, Siobhan Martin and Bridget Kelly, who reunite after Bridget, a recovering drug addict turned federal witness who is supposed to testify against a mob boss, flees her protective custody and heads to New York to see Siobhan. It’s the first time they’ve seen each other in years due to some tragedy that happened that drove them apart and had Bridget turn to a life of stripping and drugs. So after reuniting, they go on a boat ride. They talk and make up and then Bridget falls asleep and later wakes up to find Siobhan missing. Bridget believes she killed herself so what does she do? She takes over as Siobhan and heads back to NYC as her sister.

Yes this show is a more grown up version of The Lying Game, which I said on my twitter last night, was way more interesting than this show. It’s not that Geller doesn’t have chemistry with any of the other cast members, its actually the opposite, she has loads of chemistry with them. The problem is the writing didn’t keep me interested. Not in the weird relationship that Siobhan has with her husband, Andrew (Gruffudd) or with the affair she’s having with her best friend’s husband, Henry (Paloha). And it certainly didn’t keep me interested in the troubled teenage plotline involving Andrew and his teen daughter, Juliet.

Then there was the end of episode cliffhanger revealing that Siobhan was indeed alive and well in Paris. Now while that was interesting enough to keep me tuned in for next week. I don’t see how this show lasts long. I mean, if I was bored by the pilot episode, I am sure that there were a lot of others who were bored as well. And they may not be as kind as I am in the fact that I will return next week to see what happens next.

That being said, I will return for a couple more episodes and you should too. Sometimes pilots suck and the show just needs to get them out of the way so that they can move on and move the story forward. Ringer really does have the potential to be an interesting show is they can make the stories interesting. I think they are on the right track in regards to the characters; they just have to develop and round them out some more.  I hope for Sarah Michelle Geller’s sake that this happens because I love seeing her on my TV again and I don’t want her to leave soon.

Other Thoughts:
~ I did like Bridget’s storyline. I think she could be a compelling interesting character. I liked her relationships with the FBI Agent, played by Nestor Carbonell, and her relationship with her sponsor, Malcolm.

~is the little boy in the picture Bridget or Siobhan’s son? And which one of them caused his death? Or disappearance?


4 thoughts on “Ringer Review: Pilot

  1. I would just like to say, that I’m a loyal reader of your blog. I really like how you write. You totally got me hooked on Awkward and Teen wolf, after I read your thoughts on the shows. I think it’s nice to get info about new shows from your blog 😀

    1. Thank you so much for reading! I always love feedback! I plan on writing a lot more this new TV season! there is a lot of new shows out there I want to review! I hope I can get you hooked on some more 🙂

      1. I hope so too! I can never have to many tv shows to watch. I’m looking forward to reading reviews about The Vampire Diaries season 3, hopefully you are going to write about that? 😉
        Btw I so agree with your thoughts on Stiles on Teen Wolf. That character is just amazing. A big reason why I like that show so much.

      2. Haha yes Stiles is great! I absolutely adore him!
        I will most defiantly be reviewing Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries and probably the new show The Secret Circle!
        Also make sure you catch Revenge, I was able to watch the pilot and I absolutely loved it!

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