Awkward Review: The Adventures Of Aunt Ally And The Lil’ Bitch

We’ve all had one of those nights. You know the one where you drink too much and the next morning you wake up not remembering anything from the night before. Then as you deal will your killer hangover, parts of the previous night begin sinking back in to your memory and all of a sudden you cringe in embarrassment and horror. We have all had those types of nights and, almost always, they will involve a boy (or girl)…or two.

This week, Awkward toned down the super funny and upped the drama, though the scenes that led to the drama were still utterly hilarious.

Due to the fact that Jenna’s father is out of town on business, Lacey decides that this is the perfect time to invite her BFF Ally over for the weekend. Ally is your stereotypical out of control best friend who Jenna can’t stand and to be quite honest I probably wouldn’t either. This is a woman, who is well into her thirty’s who brags about how many guys she’s banged, what new drugs she’s taken, and convinces Lacey that it would be the best idea in the world to throw a kegger at Jenna’s house. She is what Lacey might have been if Lacey hadn’t gotten knocked up; which makes her the perfect foil to our lovable yet misguided Lacey.

This kegger that Lacey and Ally hold in Jenna’s honor results in Jenna having a hangover like experience. She wakes up the next morning hungover and with no recollection of the events that had happened the previous nights. We later learn that she told off Matty, calling him out on his BS about not wanting to be seen with her in public and telling him that she knows it’s because he thinks he’s too good for her as she then proceeded to make out with him.  This scene was utter perfection because let’s face it girls, we’ve all had moments like this. However, I have to say, I am kinda glad that she called Matty out on his shit, even if it did piss him off. He isn’t treating her all that well and he needs to know it.

Which brings me Jake and his adorableness. I have to agree with Jenna, he really is a puppy and I love how she told him that it was a compliment because everyone loves puppies. Granted no one wants to date puppies but still it was sweet. I really hope that Jenna begins to see that Jake really is the better choice for her. I mean here is a guy who was still there for her after she puked on him and told him off for constantly bringing up their kiss even though he still has girlfriend. I have a feeling though that his relationship with Lissa isn’t going to last that much longer. If you had asked me last week who Jenna was going to choose, I’d have said Matty but I am beginning to think more and more that she is actually going to choose Jake. He is just continuing to be the better choice week after week, even if he hasn’t broken up with his girlfriend yet.

Now we must get to the biggest twist of the night, and the season for that matter; the reveal that it was Tamara who sent Jenna the letter. I really didn’t see that one coming. I honestly thought she would have been one of the last ones to write her that letter but after hearing her confess it last night, I am actually not so shocked anymore. It kind of makes sense that she wrote it. I think secretly, deep down, Tamara knows that she would never be as popular as she wanted to be and seeing her best friend, who is very beautiful, hide under the mask of invisibility wasn’t what she wanted. So she sent Jenna a wakeup call.  Was it right? No. Was it selfish? Hell yes. But was it partly done to with good intentions? I believe so. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Right now both of these ladies are extremely hurt by actions the other has caused them. It sure will make for some interesting drama for the last four episodes of the season.

Other Thoughts:

~I loved Lacey and Jenna’s bonding moment when Lacey went to drive Jenna to Tamara’s house. I really think we are going to see these two bond more as Jenna begins to tread through these new experiences of popularity.

~I kind of wish Sadie and Lissa had shown up at the party just so they could make mean comments about how out of control it was.

~ “I’m sorry I drugged you… and that I peed in your closet.”

~ “Is it possible my mother let a guy sleep in my bed? Dumb question: Of course it was.”

2 thoughts on “Awkward Review: The Adventures Of Aunt Ally And The Lil’ Bitch

  1. Nice review.

    I have been following along with the show since it premiered, and while I have not loved it as much as you I definitely think that it took a huge step forward with last night’s episode. It always seemed like the earlier episodes either tried too be too funny or too dramatic, but the blend last night was perfect. The rapid fire revelations toward the end were also completely shocking, but do make sense with the characters. The last one with Tamara carried a real emotional weight as well that I haven’t seen much of so far and I hope the show continues to build upon it over the next month. Either way, I cannot wait to see what happens and am glad it will be getting a second season.

  2. Nice review but I don’t agree on the Jake part. I’m sorry but I feel like with each passing episode Jake is being relegated to the friend zone. Comparing him to a puppy was the nail in the coffin. I think we’re being shown that Matty does like Jenna and has issues besides the fact that she’s not in his clique. So it’s all being set up for Matty to step up to the plate and fight for Jenna. Jake is sweet but he’s friend material.

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