Awkward Review: Over My Dead Body

Awkward is like the gift that keeps on giving. I am totally charmed by its sweet yet raunchy storytelling and the fact that we are in back half of season one makes me quite sad.

I was busy last week and totally missed getting to write a review, which I feel really bad about. However, I am back this week to talk about the awesomeness that was this week’s episode!

This week’s story of the week revolved around Drink Driving Awareness.  Every year at Jenna’s school, the school devotes an entire day to the consequences of drinking and driving. This year the guidance counselor, Val , puts on a new play titled CRASH’D, or (Counselors Raising Awareness For Students Who — the W is silent — Drink). We already knew that Val was obnoxious but this week she took it to a whole new level ridiculousness. Did anyone else have to Google what Zima was? Or shake their head in embarrassment over her gift of diet wine? Girl is utterly loony!

Anyways, while Val got more screen time than normal this week, there was actual story being told about the highs and lows of unwanted attention. Poor Jenna, after already being called that girl who tried to kill herself, Val thinks it would be a great idea to make her star of the CRASH’D play. Her character is called Dead Stacey. This is the absolute last thing Jenna wants right now considering people were still gossiping about her faux suicide attempt (“I’ve already had one lethal misunderstanding this year, I don’t need another.”) Matters only became worse when Jake was cast as her boyfriend, Dead Johnny, and she learned that her Mother was Dead Stacey 1995. There really wasn’t any way she could escape this attention.

So what does Jenna’s dad tell her? “This is your opportunity to change the conversation.” So after being, yet again, turned away by Matty and his mind games (we meet his brother this week who is played by Zachery Able, aka Carter from Make it or Break it), she decides to change the conversation. She goes to Val and tells her that she is changing the script to the play and adding some new touches to it.

Jenna ends up changing the story of Dead Stacey by modernizing it and by adding two new characters to the play, Nick and Natalie, whom are played Tamara and Rickey Schwarz (who we finallllly meet!) Her changes defiantly allowed her to change the conversation. At the end of the play, Natalie brings Stacey back to life with a 10 second kiss that makes the crowd go wild; hey “Even homoerotic tension couldn’t bring Stacey back to life.”

I gotta say Jenna sure did make the play more interesting with that little addition and she certainly got the right type of attention she had been wanting. Matty even came up to her at the end and gave her a huge hug in front of everyone.

Overall it was yet another steller episode of this completely raunchy and charming series.

Other Thoughts:

~I am totally obsessed with Jenna’s parents. I love how adorably ridiculous they are. It’s so nice to see that they are young parents who were able to stay together after getting pregnant at such a young age. They still seem just as in love as they probably were in high school. They are seriously starting to rank up in my top 10 favorite TV parents.

~I am glad that Matty is slowly starting to change a little bit. We can’t totally fault him for being a little misguided; it’s quite obvious that he doesn’t have a great role model at home. It’s no wonder he is so confused.

~HOWEVER, I am still all about Jake, who yet again, was totally adorably sweet towards Jenna. I’d feel bad for his girlfriend but she’s kinda stupid.

~I love Ming’s hats and her pop culture references. She is starting to become the new Lane Kim of TV.

~“She played Tammy in Grease last year. There is no Tammy. They just made up a character so she could die in the first five minutes.”

~I hope we get to see more of Principal Cox.

~Cliche means stupid right?

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