Awkward. Review: Jenna Lives

In a much more laid back episode, Awkward showed us the highs and lows of jumping to conclusions and that pesky little trait called jealousy. It was also a great episode for the wonderfully charming Ashley Rickards; she was just fantastic this week.

As we all saw last week, Matty told Jenna that he liked her but he wasn’t ready to be in a relationship with her. It was heartbreaking and to make it worse, Jenna sees a beautiful girl walk out of Matty’s car the very next school day. He has his arm around her and they flirt with each other and Jenna can only assume the worse; which is that Matty already has a girlfriend. So it is completely natural for Jenna to become obsessed about the situation. To make matters worse Jenna finds out that she kind of has a stalker named Kyle who keeps advertising her faux-suicide attempt in the form of shirt that says Jenna Lives. Naturally Jenna assumes that this is the reason why Matty doesn’t want to be with her; because the entire schools still thinks that she tried to kill herself. So not only does Jenna spend the episode trying to figure out what the deal is between hot girl Olivia and Matty but she also flips out hard core on Kyle, embarrassing herself yet again in front of the entire school. Jenna basically assumes right about Kyle (he was so totally stalking her) and wrong about Matty and Olivia. It turns out that Olivia was/is dating Matty’s older brother (find out who’s playing him, here) and that she and Jenna have a lot more in common than Jenna thought. Olivia is seen as this confident and beautiful older woman. whom Jenna calls Jenna +, yet when they have their heart to heart while ditching detention, Olivia reveals that she too is facing a similar situation to what Matty is doing to Jenna. That McKibben family, I tell yea, they don’t seem to be great boyfriend material do they? I really love how Awkwardis showing how complicated love and relationships can be in the beginning. Jenna has no idea really where Matty’s at in regards to his feelings for her. All she knows is that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with her. Here’s something I am going to let guys know: Girls just want honesty. If you don’t want to be with them TELL THEM so they can move on with their lives. This is exactly what Matty needs to do; basically so that Jenna can move on with Jake, who totally confessed his feelings for her this week!

Who else was happy to see Jake kiss Jenna? This guy is proving to me more and more that he is a way better fit for her than clueless Matty McKibben. Yes Jake still has a girlfriend and probably shouldn’t have kissed Jenna while he is still with Lissa however I am going to cut him a little slack here. These characters are in high school and when you are 15/16 your hormones are all over the place and when you find out that this girl, who you like and totally understands you, might also have the same feelings for you, you’re going to take advantage on that situation. The key is see how Jake follows up in regards to the kiss. Is he going to break up with Lissa? We know that next week he tells Matty, how is Matty going to respond? Seeing as this is MTV, my guess is the show is going to milk this triangle for all it’s worth till the end of the season. I just hope Jenna sees that until Matty man’s up and fights for her; Jake is the way better choice.

Other Thoughts:

~Loved Ming’s purple streak in her hair, and her hats. I love Jenna’s best friends. They are both crazy awesome!

~Did anyone miss Sadie this week? I kind of did, I would have loved to at least seen Sadie say one of her mean girl lines to Jenna after Jenna went psycho on Kyle for wearing/selling the Jenna Lives shirt.

~Jenna’s parents remain one of the biggest highlights of this show. Love that Lacey’s stance on being bold is free boobin and that Kevin’s only form of punishment is taking away desert, which Lacey sees as the opposite because it will on help Jenna become more skinner and that is NOT a punishment! Hilarious!!

~Jenna’s final thought at the end, “I realize, it wasn’t my stigma or another girl keeping me from Matty, it was how I say myself” was a very great way to end the episode. It’s so true. Sometimes there really isn’t any outside factors preventing you from being with the person you want to be with, sometimes it yourself.

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