Awkward Review: The Scarlet Eye

We are now four episodes in on MTV’s new delightfully raunchy comedy, Awkward and it still shows no signs of going bad.

This week we got to finally see more of Jenna’s other best friend, Ming and Jenna’s parents, Kevin and Lacey. Ming gave me total Lane Kim vibes this week, especially with her relationship with her tiger mom mother. It’s great to see that Jenna has to different types of best friends; one who is a little out there and one who has some actual common sense and can pull Jenna back down to earth when Jenna needs it.

Kevin and Lacey are probably two of the most hysterical parents on TV. I absolutely love that MTV decided to have them be those parents who had their kid when they were just 18 yet managed to find a way to make it work and stay together. You just hardly hear about that anymore. Kevin seems like a great dad and a great husband, even if he does get super paranoid when he’s stoned. Every time we’ve seen Jenna’s dad I’ve liked him more and more. I hope that we get to see more of him as the season progresses, he provides a great contrast to Jenna’s crazy mom, who I am loving more and more each episode.

The guidance counselor still continues to be the most ridiculous guidance counselor ever. I mean seriously, who let this woman become an educator? Her mind is way too far deep in the gutter and while it’s utterly hilarious to watch her try and figure out the new teenage lingo like d.t.r. she still shouldn’t be offering counseling to these students. The woman is crazy.

And then we have Matty, who may be seriously adorable and cute when he’s looking at Jenna but still needs to get his head out of his ass and man up. If he loves that Jenna doesn’t about what people think about her than he shouldn’t either. He’s a coward and I feel so bad that Jenna can’t see it. I can’t blame her too much though because I was a teenage girl once myself and when you have a crush and that crush likes you, nothing else matters; even if that crush is a douche. I hope she can finally see that Jake is way cuter and way sweeter and is totally crushing on her as well. I think its becoming more and more obvious that he is the better choice.

Overall another great episode of Awkward! I can’t wait for next week where it looks like Jenna might finally get to see Jake in a new light!

Other thoughts:

~Did anyone else want to see Sadie melt when Tamara hosed her down??

~ I missed Lissa this week. I hope she’s back next week!

~Ming: Do all boners look like weapons?

~ Lacey: We could take a nap…
Kevin: Okay!
Lacey: NO! We are not old!

2 thoughts on “Awkward Review: The Scarlet Eye

  1. I think that the show Awkward is one of the best shows out there today! I can’t get enough of watching Jenna crazy life and weird but awesome parents! I know that sounds bad but they are hilarious! I’m so glad that I got the Sling adapter and can watch “Awkward” everywhere I go right on my phone. I can’t wait to see what else the season holds.

  2. Anyone else surprised by how good MTV (new) shows are now? Every part of that episode had me rolling on the floor laughing my ass off! Especially Ming’s response to her mom when she got caught sneaking out “The white devil made me do it.” I’m only half way through the episode and I can’t stop smiling. WAY TO GO MTV!!!

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