Awkward Review: The Way We Weren’t

Oh that first high school party. It’s everything you’d want it to be and everything you wished it wouldn’t; it’s a critical life experience and this week on Awkward Jenna learns just that.

Seriously here is my shameless plug in which I say EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE WATCHING AWKWARD. Ok I’m done.

This week Jenna gets invited to her first high school “in crowd” party by her new lovah Matty McKibben. Let’s get to him later on because there’s a lengthy discussion to be had about this character and his relationship (or lack thereof) with Jenna.  What I want to discuss first is how Jenna’s mom, Lacey, is now the coolest and most ridiculous mom on TV. Her excitement over Jenna’s invite to an “in-crowd” party was utterly fantastic. How many moms do you know of that would actually give their daughter booze to bring to the party? Only thing I would like to see a little more of is Lacey having a decent heart to heart with her daughter. I get that they are complete and total opposites and that Jenna relates more to her Dad, but Jenna and Lacey have the potential to have an epic hilarious mother-daughter relationship and I want to see it explored! I hope we get the chance to see it!

Tamara is the most hilarious best friend a girl could have. She is completely up to date on the ways and means of the popular crowd. She knows just how many red-cup pics are needed to be considered to be popular, how to play strip jenga, and knows when it’s time to hold the hair back when a drunk girl is ready to puke. She knows it all and she is awesome. My favorite quote from her last night: ellipses are the sluts of punctuation.

Now let’s get to that pesky little tangled web that I would like to call the love-pentagon. Yes that’s right; I just called the Sadie-Matty-Jenna-Jake-Lissa tangled web a love-pentagon because that’s really what it is. Sadie is into Matty who is secretly hooking up with Jenna whose also in love with Matty but is totally starting to develop feelings for Jake who dates Lissa, but really is falling for Jenna; he’s also Matty’s best friend. So yes, this who mess is a love-pentagon and it is utterly hilarious.

Matty has serious issues and the fact that he can’t man up and openly want to date Jenna shows that she really needs to ditch him, even if he does think about her over all the other hot girls at school. Jenna doesn’t need that insecurity or all that drama. However, even though Jake seems to be totally cool with hanging out with Jenna and may even be falling for her, we still don’t know if he too would actually take their relationship public. Yes it seems like he doesn’t care about that stuff, but then why does he stay with Lissa, his crazed virginity obsessed girlfriend? I just have a feeling that he might be just as reluctant to take a relationship with Jenna public as Matty is. However, that doesn’t erase the fact that Jake is still the better guy and hopefully Jenna is beginning to see this.

Other Thoughts:

  • Each episode keeps getting better and better and I think this episode was better because there was no Valerie. Lets keep her to a minimum shall we?
  • Tamara: If we don’t go then the terrorists win and by terrorists I mean Sadie.
  • Lissa’s Cheers were utterly fantastic: Hey! Stop! Don’t touch me there that sir is my no no square.

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