Thoughts on True Blood: “I Thought I Was The Moon”

I’ve had many issues with True Blood this season. It has been highly uneven and extremely over the top bizarre that I almost gave up watching. However, the past two episodes have shown a bit of a turnaround in this highly uneven season. While I am still not overly enthusiastic about this witches/possession storyline involving Fiona Shaw’s character Marnie or the Rene’s ghost storyline with Terry and Arlene or the crap in Hot Shot involving Jason or anything regarding Bill; there still are the storylines involving Jessica, Pam, and Eric and Sookie that have been very interesting that its almost saved this season, in my opinion.

How can you not think you are special?”

If you had asked me a couple of episodes ago that in a matter of two episodes I would have become a bonafide Jason and Jessica shipper I would have laughed in your face declaring that the pairing was way too random. However after last week’s hot (yet a little creepy) dream sex scene with Jason and Jessica and this week’s adorable storyline in which Jessica tries to help Jason deal with his transition (or lack there off) into a werepanther, I have completely fallen in love with these two characters being together. They have amazing chemistry that reminded me of Caroline and Tyler from The Vampire Diaries, an unexpected pairing that completely works given the context of the storyline. I cannot wait to see what happens next with these two. I hope their new relationship/friendship gets explored because you can’t deny the chemistry between these two. It’s worth exploring and considering that this is True Blood, it most likely will be, thank god.

 “It smells like death in here…” 

Poor Pam. All she wants is her maker back, not this amnesiac who doesn’t care to remember or be his former self. Her speech to Eric last night was brilliant.  “Eric, snap the f— out of it. You have no loyalty to Bill Compton. You are a Viking vampire god and you bow to no one. If someone crosses you, you rip out their liver with one fang…I have been with you over 100 years. We’ve traveled the world together killin’ and f—in’ and laughin’…” She said. However Eric wanted none of it. He wanted to be rid of that former life of his because all he cared about was Sookie, which I don’t think Pam still quite understands. Anyways her struggle this season has been mighty fascinating and I can’t wait to see what she does to Tara. To be quite honest, if Pam rids of Tara I’ll like her even more. Actually, if Pam could just go on a killing rampage, killing Sam, Tommy, Arlene, and Bill that would be great!

“Tell her I was born the night she found me.”

FINALLY! After 3 seasons of buildup we finally got some pay off between Eric and Sookie in the form a beautiful love (making) scene in the middle of the woods. It was one of the most beautiful love scenes the show has ever done and Alexander Skarsgard and Anna Paquin played it beautifully. There was no one there to interrupt them (yet, at least). It was perfect. Too bad this is True Blood and their romance will last another episode, if that and we’ll have to go back to pining for them to be together again. Oh well, I’m just thankful we got a scene like this between Sookie and Eric and if I am not mistaken, we are still getting that famous shower scene from book 4 soooooo at least there will be one more epic scene (or two) between these two!

Other Thoughts:

~Seriously True Blood, just explain the mystery surrounding that stupid baby doll! Its getting really annoying and I am sick of it.

~What’s really going on with Arlene’s baby? This storyline really isn’t all that interesting, so start giving some answers.

~ALCIDE! Stay out of the woods baby, otherwise you might interrupt two really hot people having sex and it might break your heart. Oh and dump Debbie. She’s annoying and I don’t like her. Hot people like yourself shouldn’t be with crazy people.

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