Awkward Review: Knocker Nightmare

I was already hooked on Awkward from the moment I watched the pilot but after last night’s stellar second episode, I am going to go out on a limb and say that this show may be my favorite new show of the YEAR!

The thing that Awkward has going for it is the fact that it is so reminiscent to old school MTV shows like Daria, than the newest shows MTV has been airing like Teen Wolf or the ill attempt at Skins. Awkward knew what it wanted to be from the very beginning: raunchy yet charming and if the second episode was any indication, it has succeeded on all levels.

This week’s episode, appropriately titled Knocker Nightmare, was about Jenna having to be the center of attention all over again after mean girl Sadie takes a nude shot of her, texts it to everyone and then puts up posters of the photo all over school. So what does Jenna do? She goes to that list that was sent to her and does what it tells her to do: pull your head out of your ass and stand out. Well Jenna sure stood out from the moment she decided to flash her ta-ta’s to a crowd of students.

Knocker Nightmare did a really great job at showing its audience just who these characters are. Jenna stands up for herself again, even after she sees just how cruel people at school can be. I absolutely love her bizarre relationship with her parents. We learned this week that Jenna’s mom had Jenna when she was about 18, which explains why her parents look so damn young. Her mom didn’t go to college because she had Jenna and she used her college tuition money to get breast implants; say hello to Princeton and Harvard.  Later on, we get to see Jenna interact with her dad, who tells her to just be herself and not listen to her mother. It’s quite obvious that Jenna is a daddy’s girl. Their moment together is extremely sweet and shows you just how charming this little show can truly be.

And as if we didn’t know already, the guidance counselor Valarie is ridiculous. This isn’t surprising, because most guidance counselors we see in these types of shows/movies are always the same. I do hope they do something more with her though because her character type will get old fast if they can’t come up with fresh material for her. Sadie is another one I could see myself getting sick of as well. I love her mean girl act and her one liners like “It’s rude to stare…you’re welcome,” “friends don’t let friends where mom jeans,” and it was a public service announcement to illustrate what happens when you change in public,”  are all downright priceless. Above everything else, the one thing that this show has going for it is its writing, which is downright raunchy, charming, and refreshingly clever.

I also can’t write a review without commenting on the growing love triangle that is about to occur between Jenna, Matty, and Jake. At this point Matty is still a loser because even though he took Jenna’s status of needing a hero to heart and took down all the posters of her breasts, he still made fun of her in front of everyone and is to ashamed to admit to everyone that he likes her. Jake on the other hand could care less about being seen in public with Jenna. He even takes her home and tells her that whoever took that photo and posted it around school was downright evil. It’s obvious to me that even though Matty is cuter, Jake is a keeper. I hope she realizes this sooner rather than later, but seeing as this is a TV show, that’s probably not going to happen.  Oh well, I’ll be laughing either way.

Overall the second episode of Awkward was pretty damn great. This show has a lot going for it and I personally think that is going to majorly succeed.  What did everyone else think?

Other great quotes:

Jenna: In my fantasy scenario I was gonna be the badass, the rebel, I’d be a legendary sophomore rockstar that no one would ever forget again. But in reality I had 30 more people taking pictures of my tits.

Tamara: Jenna, we got your texts. Where are you on the Britney meter?
Jenna: I may be mid head shave.

Jenna’s Mom: It’s perfectly fine to dream about having Bangladeshi boobies these days.

Sadie: Maybe people would stop staring at you if you could just finish the abortion your mom botched.

2 thoughts on “Awkward Review: Knocker Nightmare

  1. Just like you and my DISH co-worker that always talks about “Awkward” I’m hooked! I love Jenna she is really crazy and her sarcasm just cracks me up. I can’t believe that girls are so cruel like that but even with her boobs out there she manages not to care for it. That is a great attitude under pressure. I hope MTV doesn’t take this show off and we can see more of it! Be sure to watch “Awkward” with DISH and save your money rather than waste it on any other company!

  2. ah I loved the beginning of this episode – the whole standoff between Jenna and Sadie, also Jenna’s exchange of looks with Matty it was all great (watch at ). Extra props for the two awesome songs too, “California” by Admiral Radley and “When Will You Come” by Wavves were definitely the best songs in the episode and they were both perfect for the intro.

    I think Awkward definitely does a better job than most current teen shows of capturing that right mix of drama, charm, and scandal, in an inviting way that feels much closer to Daria than Skins..this episode was a great example of that.

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