Friday Night Light’s Review: Texas Whatever

The penultimate episode of Friday Night Lights aired last night and I have to say this show isn’t going to make easy for us. I’m going to say this right now, this review is not going to be a review , it’s just going to be my thoughts on certain parts of the episode, mainly because I was a bloody sobbing mess throughout it.

Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton really gave it their all in this episode. I mean WOW. We’ve seen them go through some hard times together but I don’t think we have ever seen them like this. What is amazing is that this scenario that they are in, both being offered jobs that are jobs of a lifetime, is so interesting and the way they are unfolding the drama surrounding it is so damn realistic. Tami has been the perfect coach’s wife for EIGHTEEN YEARS, she has followed her husband around dutifully and patiently all this time and all she wants is a little respect and for Eric to understand where she is coming from. I completely understand what she is going through because I grew up in a military family. My dad was an officer in the Air Force and we followed him wherever he went for 26 years and I honestly can’t say what my Dad would have done if my Mom had come home and said she had been offered a dream job and wanted to move the family for her. I do think that my dad would have had Eric’s reaction though, I can almost guarantee it. It is situations like the one Eric and Tami are in right now that show why this show is above all the rest. I also love that I have no idea which way Eric and Tami are going to go.  I am sure, though, that whatever decision they decide, it will not leave them, or the audience, disappointed.

For the longest time I was a huge fan of Lyla and Tim and I really thought they would end up together in the long end. I think a lot of it was just because Minka Kelly and Taylor Kitsch had excellent chemistry together and the writers made it work. However, seeing Tyra and Tim last night made me realize that what they have, what they’ve always had, has been something true and real. These two have grown up together and know the good, the bad, and the ugly about each other. I am glad that it was Tyra who came back to Dillon to be there for Tim and not Lyla. I think had Tim seen Lyla, he would have just felt like more of a failure than he already does but seeing Tyra and the way she can listen, comfort, and help made me realize that it has always been her. I don’t think Lyla could have fully grasped what Tim had done for Billy the way Tyra did when he confessed to her that he went to prison for his brother. These two have just as much as realistic relationship as everyone else on this show. I can’t wait to see where these two end up together.

I still am in awe at how amazing Billy and Mindy have become this season. These two have come such a long way since we first met them. And seriously, how amazing was it to see the entire Collet family back together? I was so happy to see Tyra, Mindy, and their mom all together at the Collet house. That really brought back some memories. I also really loved the scene with Tyra and Julie. They had a really great friendship and I really hope that we get at least ONE scene with Tyra and Tami next week. Also, it was great to see Matt and Grandma Saracen again, even if she has almost completely lost her memories.

And Finally, I can’t end this entry without talking about Vince, Luke, Jess, and Becky. These characters, brought in at the beginning of the fourth season really have become characters that I am going to miss. I really hope that Luke and Becky can find a way to work things out because I do love them together and I was heartbroken at the words Luke spat at Becky. I never thought that Luke could be mean but I guess that’s what happens when your heart by someone you love. Still, I think these two will find a way to make things work. I also hope that Luke will find a future that he can be happy with because I truly believe that he deserves a great future.

I was happy to see Vince and Jess working things out and trying to save their team they so deeply cared about. I broke down crying when Coach hugged Vince after telling him that he was going to be the star quarterback of the Dillon Panthers next year. I cried even more when we saw Luke, Vince, Hastings, Tinker, and Buddy Jr all out on the East Dillon football field getting drunk and talking about State and what things might be like next year. I actually think that scene made me cry more than the scene of them at the hotel in the episode ‘Kingdom.” These young men really are bonded for life.  I hate that Dillon cut the Lions program for the next year but that’s life and I am sure these young men will make the most of it as will Coach Taylor.

I can’t believe that there is only ONE episode left. My heart is breaking just thinking about it. This show has just been so special and it has been such a gift to watch these past five years. I am really going to miss it.

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