Friday Night Lights Review:The March

Just give me a moment while I cry over the fact that there are only TWO episodes left of Friday Night Lights.  TWO!

*sob*I really don’t want this show to end.*sob*

Ok I think I am ok to write a review.

Man, if I could have one wish granted it would be this:


Ok now that’s over with I think I can actually get to the review.

I really hope that the Lions win State because they deserve and as Coach said at the beginning of the episode “It’s yours to lose.” Coach has worked these men so hard and it’s been paying off. It’s not going to be easy for them and I am almost positive that when the get to state, the other team is going to give them hell. However, if they play with all the heart that I know they have. They will win. I love the way that Coach Taylor inspires these men and how even though they went through hell recently (because of Vince) they’ve gotten passed it and really come together again as a great team. And then there was that scene where Coach and Tami and Gracie-Bell are standing outside their front door watching the football players training in Coach’s front yard chanting state and it cut into the opening credits.  Oh man the water works started coming there. Another perfect scene: when Eric was driving Tami to the airport and he said to Tami “You’re kicking my ass here.” Amazing.  I also wonder how they are going to handle that one football team in Dillon scenario. That is going to be a tricky one.

I had a sneaky suspicion that Tami was going to get a job offer after her talk at that conference. So when she got that call from that college in Philadelphia for a job offer, I knew that would start some… trouble. But let’s face it, Tami and Coach’s fight this week reminded me yet again why they are the most realistic couple on television. These decisions are made every day in marriages and most of the time TV and the Movies just gloss over it. I also like the parallel between Tami’s storyline with the college and Eric’s storyline from TMU in season one. I like how they are coming full circle with that one; especially since that school is now offering her Dean of Admissions. Thats going to be hard to turn down. My guess is that she’s going to take, after a long hard fight with Eric, and they are going to move to Philly and he’ll eventually end up coaching a team there. I mean, the series is ending and I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends with the Taylor’s leaving Dillon.

Jess had a great storyline this week, especially with Coach Taylor. I am glad that she wants to become a football coach. She has it in her, we all know that she’s held her own against those football boys and she sure knew how to put Vince in his place. I can’t wait to see how they wrap her storyline up because she has been such a treasure to watch this season.

Luke and Becky really struggled this week.  Luke just sat back and watched as his girlfriend, Becky, tried to welcome back her old crush Tim into his home. Tim, however, was not happy that his friend Becky was working at the Landing Strip and that she hadn’t told Luke. Even when he tried to defend her honor, you could tell he wasn’t pleased with her decision. I do have to say, I don’t think Becky needs to be working there, and Tim had every reason to be upset. Because yes Becky as Tim said, “You can do better!”  Luke, poor Luke, he had been nothing but supportive and you just pushed him aside. Becky, when Tim says you can do better, he means Luke and you should listen.

Vince too had a great episode yet again. Michael B. Howard has really really come into his own this season and served as a great supporting character in the absence of Zach Gilford and Taylor Kitsch. I am proud that Vince came to his senses and told his father to leave and protected his mother, who also has become a pleasure to watch this season. I really love their dynamic together, almost more than I did with Smash and his mom.(and speaking of Smash, we got a mention about him in this episode with Tim and Buddy watching him play for Texas A&M, how great was that?)  They are just another reason why I am going to miss this show so much when it ends in a few weeks.  I have to say though, I was realllly nervous about Vince’s mom after those scenes with his father, I was damn sure she was going to get high again, especially after the drugs fell out of Ornett’s pocket.  So bravo for her staying clean. Vince, you can tell, is really proud of his mom, as am I. I really hope Vince gets a scholarship to somewhere great and becomes a great NFL football player because he deserves it.

The real winner of this episode though, has to go to The Riggins family. Derek Phillips, Stacey Oristano, and the amazing Taylor Kitsch really brought their A-game this episode in dealing with Tim’s return home from prison. My heart utterly broke when Billy and Tim fought it out outside the landing strip. Tim really believes that Billy hasn’t changed, but if Tim really saw how amazing Billy and Mindy have become this season; taking in Becky, mentoring Luke, and raising little Stevey the best way they knew how, then he would be proud. But Tim can’t see that until he chooses to forgive Billy, something I can’t blame him for. But I do hope it happens, because I love these boys and I want them to have a happy ending.

Ughhhh I don’t want this season to end. Why??? Why does it have to end? My heart is breaking as I am wrapping up this review. Two episodes left people. Two episodes left. Excuse me while I go cry in a corner now.

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