True Blood Season 4 Premiere Review: She’s Not There

True Blood is back! After 9 or so months being off the air, my favorite summer guilty pleasure is back and while it didn’t have the most exciting premier, I was happy to find out about some pretty interesting twists! So let’s dive right on in, shall we!


Went to bizarro fairyland, reunited with her grandfather Earl (Gary Cole), who thought he had only been gone for a couple of hours when in actuality, it had been 20 years. When Sookie didn’t want to fall for any of the Fairy’s tricks, she ran away and Earl followed her, but not before dying for real this time. If anyone didn’t see the next twist coming after hearing about Earl’s 20 year gap in time, than no offense, but you are stupid. Of course Sookie was going to lose a certain amount of time being in fairyland.

Personally, I am glad that they skipped over a whole year. I mean, I think if I am doing my calculations right, the past three seasons occurred over like one month, maybe two. So the creators had to skip over some time to push the story along and with everything they left off with last season, this was the perfect time to do it. So Sookie now has to deal with all these changes, like the fact that Jason is a full-fledged police officer,  Bill is off doing his thing, and most of all (and most important) Eric now owns her house.


Best line to Sookie goes to Eric, who said: Everyone who claims to love you, your friends, your brother, even Bill Compton, they all gave up on you. I. Never. Did.

Isn’t that so sweet? He even bought her home, gave Jason a whole heck of a lot of money for it, just so that when Sookie did return, she could still have her house, even if it did mean that Eric now, owned her. Hey it could have been worse, Bill could have been the one to buy the house and then she’d still be in debt to him.


But Bill has his own obligations to deal with now because he is now the King of Louisiana. Which means, while Eric may own Sookie, he still has to obey Bill’s direct orders. Of this should be fun. I have to say when Bill and Sookie are not around each other, they are way more interesting.


Jason is now a deputy sheriff and is actually acting responsible. I love it! Also, Andy is hooked on Vampire blood so now, Jason is having to take over for Andy’s responsibilities; as well as taking care of Crystals whole family, who then locked him in a freezer.


Still cold as ever but still manages to give Jess a great heart to heart in the women’s bathroom at Fangtasia. Man I love Pam. As long as they give her more to do this season, I will be extremely happy with this show.

Jess and Hoyt:

They are living together, it’s past the honeymoon stage and Jess is getting restless. I just want more scenes with Jess and Pam please. I love you Hoyt, I think you are really cool and your mama is Crazy with a capital C but don’t get all boring on me now please!!

Lafayette and those witches:

I feel Lafayette’s pain man. Those witches are weird. And that head witch played by Fiona Shaw: She’s nuts. I thought that Russell had crazy eyes but man; he looks tame compared to Marnie (did I spell that right?) Also, one witch is a spy for Bill, so that should make things interesting. However, I do love that Lafayette is still with Jesus. They are so great together!


Tara as we know, left Bon Temp at the end of Season 3. She is now going by Tony, living in New Orleans as a cage fighter and oh yeah…she’s sleeping with some hot chick. I personally think it was an obvious choice for Tara to date/sleep with a woman next. All her other guys were psychotic, so I don’t see her dating a guy anytime soon.

Arlene and Terry:

Arlene’s baby was finally born and his name is Mikey. She is still freaked out that her baby is going to be a Psycho killer like René was. She is still whining too much.  I love Todd Lowe though so I can’t complain too much.


I really could care less about Sam, but he still is having drama with his brother Tommy and he seems to have joined an anger management group where all 4 of the group members are shape shifters like himself. It’s weird and quite frankly I just don’t care all that much.

Big complaint about the premiere:

WHERE THE HELL IS ALCIDE?? Seriously, you advertise and advertise about Alcide being one of Sookie’s love interests and he’s not even in the season premier? Not cool Alan Ball.

So while the season premier was extremely underwhelming it did have some interesting developments, like Eric owning Sookie’s house (and her), Bill being King, the witches, Tara’s new cage fighting profession and what not. I think there is enough her for season four to at least be at most, entertaining. I can’t wait to find out. I don’t have HBO GO because my cable provider, Openband didn’t sign up for it, so I’m stuck watching the next episode on Sunday.  There better be at least one naked Eric moment at least. Otherwise I am going to be really disappointed.

What did you all think?

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