Rookie Blue Review Season Two Premiere: Butterflies

Last summer when the Canadian cop drama, Rookie Blue first premiered I blew it off as a silly summer show that ABC needed to fill its time with till the fall came. It looked really cheesy and the promos didn’t help its case in any way shape or form. However, I was sitting at work a few weeks later, bored out of my mind and wanting something to watch, so I went to hulu and watched the pilot of Rookie Blue. Now I wasn’t entirely impressed with the first episode, other critics were right, it was a cop drama that was eerily similar to Grey’s Anatomy and that almost turned me off; that is until I saw that last scene between the shows main character, Andy McNally (played by a very good Missy Peregrym) and her training officer Sam Swarek (Ben Bass).  There was something about their chemistry that immediately made me want to watch the next episode to see what happened next between them and the next thing I knew, I was hooked.

Now I am not trying to say that the pairing of Sam and Andy was what kept me interested in the show, but it certainly made me want to watch the next two episodes that had aired after the pilot and once I did, I realized that this show was actually not that bad. Yes, it continued to stay similar to Grey’s Anatomy, but to be quite honest, I truly believed that worked to their advantaged. For one, the main character of the show, Andy, as of now, is a way more likable character than Meredith was when Grey’s first began. Andy was a rookie and she was following in her father’s footsteps to become a cop. Her character was flawed, her father was an alcoholic, there were signs she might become one herself, she hated changed, and had a hard time committing to her boyfriend, Detective Luke Callaghan. These all sound like clichéd personality traits that Meredith Grey would have yet Missy Peregrym made them believable and her chemistry with Ben Bass who plays Swarek, only kept me more interested. Yes, if you hadn’t figured it out by yet, I completely and wholeheartedly ship Sam and Andy, or Sandy.

However, Peregrym and Bass are not the only two that have kept me interested in this show. I can’t forget the one reason why I watched this show to begin with: Gregory Smith. Yes that’s right, Everwood alum Gregory Smith was also the other main star of Rookie Blue. While I still feel like Ephram should be on a bigger show somewhere else, this show at least lets him show off just how talented her really is. Smith’s Dov Epstein, who never quite fit the cop model, brings a lot of humor and heart to this show.

Fittingly, the season premiere of Rookie Blue focuses primarily on McNally and Epstein as they both deal in different ways to a shooting that occurs outside of a major concert venue. While helping keep order outside the venue, Andy is talking a nice girl, Kate, who lost her place in line and wanted to still be let in to the venue, when Kate is shot. The image of Kate’s blood splattering all over Andy’s face was quite a site, and Peregrym acted it perfectly; standing there paralyzed until collapsing to ground after being shot herself, in the chest (she was ,thankfully, she is wearing a bullet proof vest.)

From there the episode gets into the procedural sense of things, as they try to track down the shooter, interviewing witnesses, friends of the victim, ect…However the best scenes of the night, come from Andy when she has found the shooter, a stalkerish TA who thought he had shot his ex-girlfriend, Miranda who was Kate’s roommate, and talked him out of jumping off a building; and when Epstein was at the hospital telling Kate’s mom that Kate was essentially brain dead after being shot in the head. Both scenes showed that McNally and Epstein were no longer complete rookies, they were now officers who had responsibilities and they both showed this off very well.

Overall, “Butterflies” was a good season premier that I feel really shows a new maturity in this show.  Rookie Blue beat the odds last season, becoming a nice summer hit for ABC and because of that confidence boost; I think it allowed them to realize their potential. This show still has its issues but I think its second season is already on track to becoming better than its first. I really hope that they manage to keep the ratings that they had last season because if they can, I think this show can excel in ways that other summer shows on broadcast networks haven’t.

Other Thoughts:

~LOVED the way Sam rushed to Andy the minute she had been shot. Also loved the way Sam grabbed her after she talked with Detective Jo Rossati, Luke’s ex, and just took a moment to make sure she was ok. This is guy who is seriously in love people. Come on Andy WAKE UP! This man is WAY better suited for you than boring old Luke.

~ I think Gail is growing on me finally, she was a little annoying last season but the way she and Chris play off of each other is pretty great.

~ The directing in this episode was pretty impressive, especially during that shooting scene. Good Work Rookie Blue.

~ Don’t know yet how I feel about Detective Jo Rosseti just yet. However, if she breaks up Luke and Andy, she’ll be my new favorite person.

~So I’ve been watching The Wire recently, and I LOVE that Cheryl (Kima’s girlfiend). Melanie Nicholls King, is in this series. Her story-line last season with Rookie Officer, Traci Nash, was pretty compelling, I hope they continue it

So I enjoyed the premiere and I can’t wait to see where Rookie Blue goes this season, but if it’s as solid as its premier, than I sure won’t be complaining! What did you think of the Rookie Blue season 2 premiere?

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