Summer Plans: What I Will Be Reviewing This Summer

The 2010-2011 TV Season is officially over and I still have a couple of weeks or so before my summer TV season begins. I still  plan on reviewing a couple of returning shows, mainly True Blood and Breaking Bad but I am also considering reviewing Covert Affairs and maybe even Pretty Little Liars (keyword being maybe) as well this summer. Also, I plan on reviewing a couple of new shows; ABC Family is premiering a new supernatural drama called, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, and TNT is premiering their new “Steven Spielberg produced” sci-fi drama,  Falling Skies. Both of these series seem like good summer entertainment, so I look forward to reviewing and discussing them weekly!

However, the shows that I just listed will not be the only shows that I plan on watching and reviewing this summer. I have decided to add a new column to this blog devoted to Re-Watching old shows that I watched as a young teenager (seriously, it was like 10 years ago) and write about how I see them now. The hard part was deciding which show to re-watch from my teenage past. It wasn’t a lot, but there were a few, so my decision was a little difficult to make.

My first idea when I decided to start this new column was to re-watch my favorite show of all time, Alias.  However, considering I know how much the show fell apart in its later season, I wasn’t ready to give up on my love for that series just yet nor did I want these reviews to be an all-out love fest to the series. I actually want them to be a critical and analytical interpretation of a well-known series. Suffice to say; choosing not review Alias put me back to square one.

 Then last week, after I got home from work, all I wanted to do was sit down and watch some TV. One thing that is always on at 5pm every weeknight is Gilmore Girls on ABC Family, so I flipped to the channel and sat down to watch. They aired an episode from its first season, the one where Christopher first returned and that’s when it hit me, this is the series that I would love to re-watch and review and what made it even better is I already own all the DVDs! Gilmore Girls was one of the WB’s best series that was very critically received and is still talked about today, yet no one has really sat down to write about it, something that completely baffles me considering how much fun someone could have with this series.

Amy Sherman-Palladino created one of the best fictional towns in TV history, a town which viewers yearned to live. It was a town that had everything you wanted from the zany residents like Ms. Patty, Babette, Kirk, and Taylor, to the loveable cute boys like Luke, Dean, and Jess (ok, he was more dark and mysterious than he was loveable and cute); Stars Hollow was the ideal TV town to live in. For seven years, Stars Hollow was my little home away from home as it was for so many others and there hasn’t been something like it since.

Starting Thursday June 2, 2011 I plan on posting my review of the pilot episode and move on from there. I think I will do is write a review at the end of every disc. Some discs, have 4 episodes and some have 3 or 2, so some reviews might be longer than others.  I am really excited about this and I hope all of you are too! I can’t wait to start writing about this show because it really it one of my favorite shows of all time. Till then, see ya at Lukes!

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