Glee Season Finale Review: New York

Glee wrapped up its second season this week with their trip to Nationals in New York. While New York was not as great of a finale as Journey was, it was still a very sweet and emotional episode; an episode that really shows that this show still has that spark we saw last season. Yes, there were about the same amount of inconsistencies in this episode as there were in most of the episodes of Glee this season but there were also many great scenes that proved to me that this series can still be great. It wasn’t the scenes that directly involved the competition that made this episode good, it was the scenes that directly involved the characters and their issues that showed me why I still like this show. There was something about how these kids, most of whom have never stepped more than 100 miles max outside of Lima, Ohio, realizing how great and big a city like New York City really is.

Ever since Shue told the Glee Club that nationals were being held in New York, I knew that once they made it there, Rachel and Kurt were never going to want to leave. These two were stars in the making and seeing them together, realizing their dreams together on the stage of Wicked was really something. Rachel and Kurt having breakfast at Tiffany’s and then singing For Good was probably my favorite scene of the night. Rachel and Kurt have probably had the most consistent relationship on this show and I love that they both began to realize their dreams together. I know everyone on the web has been saying this, but I wouldn’t object to a Rachel-Kurt-Blaine spin off in New York. That would be quite awesome.

One thing I didn’t really quite understand was Rachel’s dilemma in regards to Finn. Actually, the whole Rachel and Finn getting back together story this week was kind of odd. See, I am pretty sure that Finn knew that Rachel was going to leave Lima after graduation; I mean he dated her for like 6 months and even though Finn can be dumb, he’s not that dumb. I knew from the pilot that Rachel wanted to be a star on Broadway and I am pretty sure Finn knew that as well. The reason that he loved her so much was because she dreamed big and wanted great things for herself. So color me confused when Rachel starts telling Kurt that she doesn’t think Finn would join them in New York after graduation. I am pretty sure Rachel, that Finn would follow you to the ends of the earth because that’s how much he loves you. And here I though Finn was the dumb one. Sheesh.

Speaking of dreaming big, I need to rant about Quinn. This whole season we lost the Quinn we saw in season one, the one who thought more about herself than just some prom queen who was going to be stuck in Lima all her life. She got pregnant at 16 and then gave her baby up for adoption so she wouldn’t have to have that life. She made the best of her situation and didn’t let her circumstances get her down; she believed in herself and she knew she didn’t need a man to take care of her. So why did she lose all that self-awareness this season?? Quinn honey, you are a beautiful smart woman who doesn’t need a man to make you feel good about yourself. I really hope that new haircut knocked some sense into you because I want the Season One Quinn back next season and I want her, Santana, and Brittney (and also Mercedes) to go back to being the Queen Bees of the school. They need to take back their popularity and show everyone just how awesome they really are.

Ryan Murphy and his gang have a lot of work ahead of them this summer. I seriously think they need to go back and rewatch Season One and some of their good episodes of season two and figure out a way to make this show great again. We all know it’s possible and it helps that their actors and actresses are becoming better and better so USE THEM WELL RIB!! There is still hope left in this season, enough raw emotion about adolescent youth to show everyone the greatness this show is capable of, so use it. As of now, we have about 3 and a half months until season three begins and from what I have heard, Ryan, Ian, and Brad have hired a couple of more writers to help them out next season. I think this is going to be a good thing for this show, help keep the consistency that it lacked in season two. If these new writers can find the spark that is still left in this show, I think we could be headed towards a great season three folks. I know I am being naively optimistic but I think they are capable of greatness, I just hope they know it too.

Other Thoughts:

My Cup was better than My Headband but not as epic as Trouty Mouth.

I like wise beyond her years yet still slightly stupid Brittany. I can’t wait to see more of her next season!

I love the blossoming romance between Mercedes and Sam. Don’t Screw this up RIB!

Was it just me or was Kurt a little hesitant in saying I love you, too back to Blaine?

That kiss between Rachel and Finn at the end of their duet at Nationals was sweet but extremely awkward. They played that scene extremely well. I may be the only one who thinks this, but I think Cory has greatly improved as an actor these past two years.

The last 5 minutes of the episode were fantastic, some of the best scenes I’ve seen all season.

Favorite Quote of the night: Your kids don’t look like they’ve been baked properly. 

If anyone thought that New Directions was going to place at Nationals, than they are seriously naïve. There is still a season three left; no way they were going to have them win this early. They haven’t earned it.

Best Episode of the season has to be either Duets. Worst Episode: Rocky Horror or their A Very Glee Christmas.

One thought on “Glee Season Finale Review: New York

  1. i m a dieheart of glee. I watch every episodes as programed and follow them very closely. I looov the show.rachel and finn u 2 are hoooot.

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