Friday Night Light’s Review: A Swerve in the right Direction

Friday Night Lights, last night, proved yet again why it is the best show on television. It took the overused student-teacher plot line of the student-teacher relationship that has plagued television this year and put a nice spin to it. Julie ended up confessing to her parents what she did and why she couldn’t go back to college. The episode also brought back Calvin, the thug introduced last season who Vince rolled with before being transformed to an awesome stand up guy. Finally, we also got to see how both Billy and Mindy have become awesome parents and role models to both Becky and Luke. It’s stories like the ones shown last night that really show why the show is better than all the rest.

Poor Julie Taylor really lost herself this year. She went and had an affair with her married TA and when his wife found out she slapped little Julie right across the face in front of her whole dorm. It was very embarrassing and she ended up running back home. She ended up crashing her car so she didn’t have to return back to school and then she confessed to her mother why she was so afraid to return.  For the rest of the episode we see acting at it’s finest from Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton; episodes where they are concerned about their daughter really prove why they are some of the most talented actors on television. This episode dove straight into their disappointment in Julie for what she had done and also Julie’s disappointment in herself. I am sure that the ramifications of her actions will spill out in the coming episodes, not to mention what is going to happen when Matt finds out, but still I think the writers have managed to turn this clichéd story into a win.

Vince had his own set of problems this week. Not only did he tell Luke about TMU, the leader of his crew, Calvin, came back into his life and told him that he needed to pay him $5000 or there would be problems. Vince tried to settle the debt with a little bit of money but that wasn’t enough and Calvin even went after Jess to scare Vince. Eventually Vince told his dad what was going on. Big old scary dad went to settle the problem, beating the hell out of Calvin. Though I was never a big fan of the storyline, I think it is great to see more moments between Vince and his Dad and how their relationship is being repaired. Vince really is one of the most interesting characters this show has ever had and he is going to be sorely missed when this show is over.

Another couple of characters I am going to miss when this show is over; Mindy, Billy, Luke, and Becky. This week, Mindy and Billy, respectively, mentored Luke and Becky. I would just like to say that the award for most improved goes to Mindy. I used to hate this character back in the day but now, she has become more awesome then ever. She truly has transformed into a great person who really is trying her hardest to be a good mom. Who cares that she is still working at the Landing Strip, the way she mentored Becky this week was a hoot. Telling Becky and Luke that they were both hot and that they needed to get laid was classic and one of the many reasons why I like her so much this season. Billy has also improved a lot. He took Luke under his wing and helped him deal with the fact that TMU wanted Vince and not Luke. Instead of letting Luke wallow about it, he made him get all his anger out, including calling the TMU coach and scream AHHHH at him and then Luke ended up being the MVP of the week after helping the Lions win their fifth straight game. Billy has mentored Luke better than he ever mentored Tim but I think it’s good that he is trying now. There was also that speech that Billy gave the team right before they went off to play their game was also a great Billy moment and it proved that he really has come a long way since last season when he started that chop shop.

It’s sad that there are only 7 episodes left of this amazing show but I will savor every moment as best as I can. What did everyone else think? Who else wished that when Tim called Billy that we could have gotten to see or hear Tim’s voice? I know I did!

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