The Good Wife Season Finale Review: Closing Arguments

 “What if we were to suddenly have good timing, just for… an hour?…What would that look like?”~Will

“I think… that would look like an exceptional moment.”~Alicia

Good God I love this show. As many of you know by now, I have a deep love for The Good Wife. Over the past two years it has quickly become one of my favorite dramas on television; a show that I try and watch live every week because it is just too good to miss. This season was absolutely sensational (with the exception of a few odd episodes here and there but I am starting to blame CBS for those episodes more so than the writers); taking what they had from season one and making it grow into something amazing.  I have no idea how I am going to survive another summer without this show but after that final scene last night, I have a feeling I will be able to make it.

The episode’s case of the week followed the suit of some of their best episodes, the ones where there is always a ticking clock. The defendant this week, played by Seth Gilliam (their billionth Wire guest star), was the accused judge killer. The firm had a day to process new evidence, the bloody glove that had been secretly given to them, and find a way use it in court to get the cast dismissed. The case was yet another distraction to the real events that were going on but paved way for some interesting developments that would pave way to season three.

Eli finds a reason to stay

While the big case was being held and the firm was rushing around to figure out how nail the coffin with the judge killer case, expansion was going under way at the offices of Lockhart Gardner. The first expansion was that Eli, after being told by the DNC that they would provide him with a great law firm to set up his services while there is down time before Peter’s campaign for governor begins. Instead of having the DNC pick his firm, Eli goes to Diane, who gladly takes his services and makes gives Alicia a promotion by making her the liaison between Eli and the firm. So now Eli is Alicia’s boss and this combination will surely be delightfully entertaining and intensely interesting come next season.

Poor Kalinda

After making the decision to stay at the firm, Kalinda and Alicia try to work around the fact that they still have to work together. Kalinda was still mentally breaking down and it was only made worse after finding out that Sophia (Kelli Giddish, who needs to totally be around next season), who she had just slept with, was actually married. The look of guilt on Kalinda’s face was priceless and showed us that a new Kalinda was emerging, one who was beginning to care. It will be interesting to see how this plays out next season, especially with her relationship with Cary. The guy still deeply cares for her and even though she knows it, I think she is deeply afraid of what that might mean. I have a feeling we are in for some epic scenes between those two next season and personally I cannot wait!


Chris Noth wasn’t really in this episode very much but his scene with Will was downright chilling. I don’t think we’ve seen these two alone together before. It made for an interesting scene as these two men, with their poker faces on, talked to each other about the case. The tension between them is quite captivating and it perfectly sets up the tension that we will most certainly see next season: “It will be funny to be on opposite sides in court. But not laugh-out-loud funny”

If there was one thing I would have liked to see in this finale, it would have been a scene between Peter and Childs, it just would have been fun, especially since I felt like Titus Welliver was really underused in this episode. HOWEVER, his show on the CW did not get picked up, so BRING HIM BACK GOOD WIFE Peeps!

That final scene.

The Good Wife finally gave us what many of us had been wanting for a long time, that little window of opportunity that lead to Alicia and Will finally making the next step in their relationship. In my opinion, I thought that last scene was uttery perfect. I know that there are many out there who didn’t want this show to have Alicia and Will hook up, but seriously, if you didn’t see it coming from the Pilot, than you just weren’t paying that close attention to this show, because a lot of this show has been about Alicia and Will’s relationship and how he brings out a whole new side of her.

I honestly thought every step that lead to that final moment between Alicia and Will perfectly described their relationship. From the over-booked hotel, to having to pay $7800 for a the presidential suite, to the kid in the elevator who pushed every button, making their trip up to the room excruciatingly long, to Will being so anxious that he couldn’t open the door. On any other night, all of those signs probably would have led to Alicia fleeing the building, but this time, in this moment, she was patient and calm; she wanted that one, exceptional, moment with Will and boy I think she got it.

It will be very interesting to see how their exceptional moment plays out next season. I really don’t think there is a question of whether or not they hooked up in that hotel room. It was pretty obvious that Alicia was not going to let anything get in the way of that moment. So what will this mean for next season? My guess is that we still have a long road ahead before Alicia and Will can truly be together and that until then, they are going to have to find those windows of opportunities like they had last night, until that time comes. I’m fairly confident that Alicia’s relationship with Peter is over; it’s just going to be a struggle to legally get there, especially with Eli and the DNC’s political agendas.

Other Thoughts:

~Seriously, there NEEDS to be more Owen next season. His scene at the pizza restaurant with the Kids and running into Jackie was outstanding.

~ So who wants to bet that the whole Arnold Schwarzenegger love child scandal is going to pop up on The Good Wife next season? It’s too bad that the show already had a similar situation to the IMF guy’s scandal (See V.I.P treatment) because they could have used that one too.

~ I think that Kalinda and Alicia’s relationship is going to be repaired soon. You can already tell that those two are ever going to leave each other’s side, even if one of them wants to. The connection between them is too strong.

~ Next season I want to see a flashback to Alicia and Will’s days at Georgetown. I think it’s time TGW writers. Lets make this happen

As I finished this review it was announced that The Good Wife was picked up for a third season (all together now: YAY!!!) and that it would be moving to 9pm on Sundays. I personally think that is a great choice on CBS’s part. Desperate Housewives is a dying show, in its 8th season, and quite frankly, if people are choosing to watch that over this show, than they don’t deserve to watch this show!

I really hope it does well on Sundays because I really don’t want their third season to be its last. This show is just too good for that! So make sure you tune in next fall! Also, Spring 2012 is going to be AWESOME if AMC keeps Mad Men on Sunday’s at 10pm. What a night that will be, The Good Wife at 9 and then Mad Men at 10! Sunday Nights are going to end up being my favorite night of the week!!

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