Gossip Girl Season Finale Review: The Wrong Goodbye

Gossip Girl ended its fourth season last night.

The season finale was extremely underwhelming and to be quite honest, it was probably the most boring finale yet, even with the mild twists at the end.

I honestly have no idea what happened to the writers after episode 16. It’s like they took some drugs or something and decided that all that great character and plot development they had created was going to be thrown out the window because bringing back the prince and a crazy chick was going to make the show better. Or maybe not, maybe the realized that this show isn’t good anymore and that their ratings were tanking so they thought adding a few silly OMGs were going to boost them. GG writers that may have worked in season one and two, but that tactic no longer works anymore. In fact, it just makes your show look really damn stupid.

I really have no words to for this episode, which is funny because I am supposed to be writing a review but it’s hard to review something that makes absolutely NO SENSE whatsoever.

So here are the things that make me the most confused:

~Why did they bring Georgina back if they weren’t even going to use her well? I mean, why didn’t they just pop her in at the end and have her actually INVOLVED in the fake Charlie-Carol scheme? Instead you just have her standing around and mopping that she can’t scheme herself? HUH???

~It’s hard to take Chuck seriously when two episodes earlier he pretty much harmed Blair while in a drunken rampage, that he now completely over. Seriously? And it is hard on a viewer like myself because Ed Westwick is such a great actor that he can make both sides interesting and compelling to watch but when you have him switch sides it makes it hard to take either side seriously. Instead you make Westwick and Chuck Bass look like a huge joke. Yes it was nice to see Chuck let Blair go finally but why did they have to plant the pregnancy twist? THE LAST THING IS SHOW NEEDS IS A BABY FOR CHUCK AND BLAIR!

~ Also, I can see what you are going GG writers. You are basically telling us what every other CW show has done for their 100th episode:  use it for a wedding that will most likely end in disaster. You are so obvious and predictable it’s not even funny.(for those who might be confused, Blair said the wedding is planned for November, and Gossip Girls 100th episode falls on the 11th episode next season, which means we’ll be seeing it before the winter hiatus.)

~Don’t tease the audience with more Dan and Blair if you are not going to follow through. It’s just dumb and mean.

~ Why did they writers up Charlie/Ivy to a series regular when Tika Sumpter (who plays Raina) is way more talented and interesting?

~ Why did they have to throw Dan and Serena’s love story under the bus like that with Dan’s “book?”

~Don’t tease me with Ethan Peck if you are just going to use him poorly. Please, he’s better than this show and doesn’t deserve this show’s plot inconsistencies.

There are many more problems with this finale but I am just too tired and uninterested to continue. I am only going to write about Gossip Girl next season when I feel like it. I don’t like writing about bad episodes because it makes me angry and I don’t like feeling angry. I really hope they use this summer to fix some of their issues. The viewers are already used to this shows plot holes so throwing out the pregnancy storyline and Charlie as a series regular isn’t an issue. Just say oops and move on. Honestly, this show can’t do worse than it has this season.

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