The Vampire Diaries Season Finale Review: As I Lay Dying

Sacrifice. If I had to sum up season two in one word it would be that one.

This season was nothing but all around goodness on The Vampire Diaries and I cannot believe how fast it went by. I mean it seriously feels like just yesterday when we first learned about the name Klaus and now, we have to wait like 3 and half months for his real shenanigans to actually begin!

Last week we ended that crazy sacrifice episode with Damon finally admitting to Stefan that Tyler had bit him. Stefan than made a promise to Damon that he was going to find a cure and save him. Stefan couldn’t let his brother die. And neither could Elijah, who let his brother, Klaus, live so that Klaus could lead them to his family. Yea, neither Elijah nor Stefan’s plans really worked out entirely well…but hey it sure did pave way to an interesting set up for season three.

Stefan went to tell Elena that he was leaving to find a cure for Damon and that sent Elena into a tizzy, not because Stefan was leaving but because Damon was dying and deep down she knew that wasn’t what she really wanted. So while Elena went off to find Damon, Jeremy and Caroline had to deal with Sheriff Forbes who was told by Carol Lockwood, to finally fix the vampire problem. Unfortunately that led to a showdown at The Grill in which Sheriff Forbes shot Jeremy in front of Alaric, Caroline, and Bonnie. First, it was sweet to see that Caroline wasn’t a bad vampire, that she wasn’t using her supernatural abilities to kill, but to save. I have no idea if Caroline’s mom is truly going to accept her daughter now, but I do think there it a new form of respect between the two. I was glad that after all the misery that has happened to Caroline this season, it ended with some closure for her.

I’m going to talk about that cliffhanger now because I want to talk about the Stefan-Klaus- Damon-Elena developments last.

Because Jeremy got shot, Bonnie had to defy the laws of nature and plead and beg the witches to save the boy she loved. They honored her request but at the same time, told her that there would be consequences. Well duh. However, I don’t think anyone saw what those consequences were going to be because DAMN that ending was insane:

So now Anna and Vikki have returned. We don’t know if they are ghosts or hallucinations but I do think that one thing is for sure: Jeremy is no longer normal. He is just as supernatural as his friends are (I’m not counting Matt as a friend really because we haven’t seen him interact with him really) and whatever he is, it will be interesting I can assure you that. Seriously though, that twist was freaking awesome.

I’d also like to say, before I get to the developments with our core three characters, that I really loved that last scene between Jeremy and Alaric. I really hope that this means that Alaric will be Elena and Jeremy’s sort of guardian. I know that it’s going to be hard to live in that house where his dead girlfriend used to live but now, he’s all Elena and Jeremy have left and I think they are going to need him.

As I said at the beginning of this post, this whole season has been about sacrifice in some form or another. Jenna sacrificed herself in hopes of saving Elena, Elena was sacrificing herself in hopes of saving the ones she loved, John sacrificed himself to save his daughter, Bonnie was willing to sacrifice herself to save Elena, and now Stefan was sacrificing his life with Elena to save his brother from dying. Some series can’t stick to a theme for an entire season like The Vampire Diaries has done with season two so for that they deserve a huge round of applause.

Stefan and Klaus have now formed an alliance so that Stefan could get the cure, for Damon’s werewolf bite, from Klaus. Now some people may not like that there is a cure for a werewolf bite, but I like that the cure can only come from Klaus’ blood, making it extremely difficult to procure. I am intrigued by this new pairing though; I really want to know more about why Klaus wants Stefan because I think there is more to it than just I need someone like you who is a natural-born killer reason.

Also, it is interesting that Klaus keeps his family members with him, at all times. He can’t be killed right? So, it wouldn’t matter if they are around or not, right? Anyways, I truly believe that is NOT the last we’ve seen of Elijah, so him dying again wasn’t that big of a deal for him. Though I will miss him until we see him again, I really like his character.

And Finally I cannot end this review without talking about Damon and Elena. I like that they sort of redeemed Damon at the end of this episode. That he apologized for all the wrong he had committed and then admitted to Elena that he was accepting responsibility for all of it; that for this whole time, he had no one to blame but himself. Yes I don’t believe one episode can truly redeem a character but I think this one did a very good job as setting up his redemption. That line where he told Elena that he was glad he turned because if he hadn’t he wouldn’t have met her, was downright beautiful and I am glad that Elena let go for that time being and told him that he cared about him to, before kissing him goodbye.

But because this is a TV Show and there was no way in hell they were going to kill off Damon, Katherine came with the cure and in essence saved the day. Why she did it? Because as we’ve all seen, there is some humanity left in vampires and deep down she did care about Damon. So Damon is alive, knows that Stefan had to give himself to Klaus to get the cure, and most likely won’t be seeing him anytime soon. Bring on Season 3!

So what’s going to happen in Season 3?

           The Sixth Sense: TVD Edition

  • My guess is that something BIG is going to happen regarding Jeremy and this whole I can see the ghosts of girlfriends past thing. It sure as hell is going to be interesting to see what they bring back to the story. I for one have missed Anna and Vicki, so it shall be very interesting to see what types of shenanigans they bring to the story.

  1. Will Jeremy be the only one who can see Anna and Vicki? Could it be that Jeremy can see all previously dead supernatural beings? If this is the case, could this mean the return of Jenna?
  2. Or is it just to mess with Bonnie? Is this her consequence?  Poor Bonnie, all she wanted was to save the boy she loved; now she’s got to deal with the other women he loved.
  3. OR, now here’s my crazy ass theory: What if because nature has become off balance since Klaus became the hybrid and Jeremy was brought back from the dead making nature even more off balance, the witches not only had to save Jeremy but also had to save every other previously dead supernatural being (i.e. Jenna, Jules, Mason, Brody, all the tomb vampires, ect…) Wouldn’t that be insane? Sure would make for an interesting season premier.

             Romeo and Juliet: TVD Edition 

  • Tyler and Matt were not in this episode and I missed them. It’s ok because last week we saw a really sweet and touching scene between Tyler and Caroline and it made my heart go a flutter. Anyways, now that Caroline’s mom has (well I think she has anyways) started to accept her daughter as for who she really is, I wonder what’s going to happen between Caroline and Tyler now, considering Tyler is Mayor Lockwood’s son and we all know that Mrs. Lockwood want’s the vampire problem dealt with ASAP! My guess is we are going to get some version of a Romeo and Juliet situation between Caroline and Tyler and Matt will be somewhere thrown in the middle. As long as the scenes are as awesome as they were this season, I’ll be fine.

            The Search

  • No matter what, Damon now owes Stefan and since he is totally in love with Elena and now has her forgiveness, he needs to prove to her why he earned in the first place. This will mean a search for Stefan and Klaus. This is going to be very very interesting because we have no idea how long this search will take, what Stefan will be like when the find him, and how Elena will feel about Stefan being off his rocker. My guess, we are going to see Stefan and Klaus’s adventures but also Elena and Damon’s adventures on their search. Will Elena fall in love with Damon? A choice is probably going to have to be made and after she sees what Stefan has become, can she really go back to him just like that?

But sadly we will not know until sometime in September, which means we get a whole summer to theorize what season three may bring! Till next year folks!

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