The Good Wife Review: Getting Off

If Julianna Margulies is robbed of the Emmy again this year, I will throw a fit.

This week we got episode two in what I am calling The Good Wife’s season two three-part finale. Last week’s episode showcased some pretty powerful stuff from Peter and Alicia. Alicia had finally had enough and she had given Peter the boot. Now she was back at work, more focused than ever, when she finally had to face Kalinda. While their moments were nowhere near the intensity that happened between Peter and Alicia, their moments were still very emotional and sad. Call me an optimist but I still have hope for these two more so than I do for Alicia and Peter.

The case of the week, as usual, somewhat paralleled Alicia’s life when she was forced to take on a case involving a lawsuit against an internet company designed as a social networking/ dating site for married spouses to find people to have affairs with. This was not exactly the type of case Alicia wanted to be associated with, and given her current state, it made it extremely easy for her to not trust the defendant who was played by none other than a toned down Sarah Silverman. The case was a little boring for my taste but it did spark the returned of Marmi Gummer, whose show Off the Map is pretty much dead over on the alphabet network. I absolutely love any chance we get to see Meryl Streep’s talented daughter on my TV screen and if that means having to write a sleepy storyline to do it, then so be it.

I am glad that the episode really hammered into us why Alicia was so angry with Kalinda. That even though Alicia did not know Kalinda when Kalinda slept with Peter and that Alicia knew what type of woman Kalinda was, that the reason she was so mad was because Kalinda lied to her face about it, just like Peter did. Kalinda doesn’t let people in, like ever, and as we saw with Cary earlier in the episode, she is only slightly starting to let him into her life. Alicia was her best and only friend and vice versa (because lets be real, the only other friend we’ve seen Alicia let her guard down around is her brother.) So to see Kalinda breakdown throughout the entire episode was such a tour-de-force to watch. I know that the supporting-actress for drama is going to be packed this year but I wouldn’t complain in the least if Archie Panjabi wins again. From her physical breakdown to her laughter when she discovered that if she left Lockhart-Gardner she would have to work at the States Attorney’s office to the end when she walked back into Lockhart-Gardner more confident and guarded than ever, Archie was just plain and simply amazing to watch.

Julianna cemented her win for Best Actress this week in her amazing tense scene with mother in law Jackie. I thought last week’s confrontation was intense but MAN this week just knocked it out of the park. It is pretty damn clear that Jackie Florrick is delusional and will never change. She will never believe that her son has done anything wrong to Alicia and that Alicia will always be the one to blame. Seeing scenes like the one last week and the one this week seriously makes me wonder how the hell Mary Beth Peil stayed on Dawson’s Creek for six seasons?

Next week is the conclusion of this three-part season finale (and the actual season finale) of The Good Wife and from the looks of it, my guess is its going to be a steamy one. As I said early, last week we got the Peter episode, this week was Kalinda’s, and next week it’s going to be about Will and his reactions to finding out about what caused Alicia’s separation. How great was it that even though Kalinda knew that her friendship with Alicia was on the outs that she still cared enough to reopen that door to Will and Alicia’s relationship? I may not be the biggest fan of Alicia and Will but you can’t deny that there are sparks between them. Did you see that scene this week where the just stared at each other? Perfection.

I also loved how the began to set up Season three (when they get one) in this episode. Alicia and David Lee talking about divorce proceedings was very interesting watch. Next season is going to be the fight for Alicia’s heart and custody battles. It sure as hell is going to make for some great drama.

Can’t believe there is only one episode left this season. COME ON CBS PICK THIS SHOW UP ALREADY!! Thanks!

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