Glee Review: Prom Queen

Well that sure was an interesting episode of Glee.

Prom Dramaz

Everyone had their own little drama regarding prom this week and it was fitting. I don’t remember having as much drama as the Glee kids did the week before prom, but then again, this is a TV show. Still, it was great to see Rachel, Mercades, and Sam (and later Jessie too, but I’ll get to that later) team up to go together for prom. I also loved seeing Tina, Brittany, Kurt as fashion judges as Santana and Lauren tried on prom dresses. That was actually really cute. I like how out of all the drama that has happened from last season to this season, these kids are starting to form a tight friendship with each other. Even if there are hundreds and hundreds of plot holes, it’s still nice to see some consistency in regards to the friendship building in the glee club.

Jessie St. James returns

I am just going to state that even though I don’t trust Jesse St. James, I have a HUGE girl crush on Jonathan Groff, so it makes me a little biased in regards to his storylines.

Regardless of how you feel about Jessie and Rachel, their rendition of Rolling in the Deep was something fierce and with the perfectly timed backup vocals by the AV Club, it was damn near perfect. I love that even though Jessie failed out of UCLA because he didn’t go to class and was stupid enough to think that Asian kids would do the work for him, that he still had a shit ton of swagger while talking to Rachel. It is seriously no surprise that she still thinks that this kid is one of the smartest persons that she knows.

Finn, even if his intentions are purely out of jealousy, has every damn right to not trust Jessie. This is a guy who used Rachel and then went and cracked actual eggs over her head as a cruel Vocal Adrenaline joke. Does Finn have a right to be jealous? Hell No but he CAN not trust the dude.

Still, Jessie’s return, to be a Glee Club dance coach or whatever, seemed a little forced in regards to the Rachel-Finn-Quinn triangle (I guess square now that you’ve added in Jessie.) Jessie’s return is/was just meant to stir up the drama with Glee’s silly love triangle. This episode actually made me feel bad for Quinn, even after she slapped Rachel (which was totally uncalled for bytheway!) This poor girl has such low self-esteem that she continues to stay with a guy who is clearly in love with someone else and still thinks that she’s never going to leave Lima, Ohio which means she deserves Finn more than Rachel. It’s quite pathetic and I really wished it was Rachel who slapped Quinn so she could knock some sense into her. Rachel obviously sees the potential in Quinn, why can’t Quinn see it?

Kurt-Karofsky drama

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED Karofsky’s apology to Kurt. At first, I didn’t know whether or not to believe it but after seeing him bolt off at Prom, I realized that this kid really did mean what he told Kurt. It was beautiful and touching and you could seriously see the pain in Karofsky’s eyes as he apologized for bulling Kurt, who only wanted to help him out. Seriously, even though I can sometimes get sick of the St. Kurt storylines, Chris Colfer deserves an Emmy for his work and Max Adler at least deserves a nomination of some sort because he has truly held his own again Chris.

That being said, Kurt’s damn right. Karofsky needs to come out. It’s getting old and I am still sick and tired of his I am too afraid to come out spiel. This is a TV show for gods sake and Ryan Murphy, that means you don’t have to play by totally realistic rules. I mean you had Kurt get back up off of his feet after been humiliated in front of the entire school after being elected Prom Queen, stand in front of the loser audience who played the cruel joke on him, and embrace the fact that they did this too him. In real life, that most likely wouldn’t have happened. So why the writers can’t just give Karofsky a coming out story and leave it at that?

Glee did end on a great note though, from the moment Kurt stood up there and took his crown and danced with Blaine as Mercedes and Santana sang Dancing Queen was quite perfect. The montage of the Prom Photos that happened after that just summed up perfectly what I wrote about earlier, that these kids are becoming a family. I really hope that they can continue this sense of unity because if they can, I think they have a good shot of winning nationals. Especially if Jessie is serious about helping them and isn’t a spy again for his old alma mater because let’s face it, Glee has already done that storyline, no need to do it again.

Other Notes:

~ Seriously, when did Brittany get so smart? I hope the Emmy people realize what a talent Heather Morris is because she is freaking blowing me away with her Amazingness. I loved her speech to Artie and then with Santana last night. Such goodness.

~I want Rachel to stop singing sad my heart is broken songs to Finn. We get it, you miss him and you want to move on, but please no more sad songs.

~They actually made the Friday song by Rebecca Black actually kind of fun.

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