Gossip Girl Review: Shattered Bass

Gossip Girl has had many problems over the course of its four seasons but the fact that they have completely destroyed Chuck and Blair’s characters in the matter of a couple of episodes is by far the worst. Last week we saw Chuck physically harm Blair and the executive producer Josh Safran actually had the nerve to come out and tell E!Online that it wasn’t abuse because the characters were Chuck and Blair which means that that sort of situation is different. It was pathetic and completely undermined woman’s rights and there are people out there WHO ACTUALLY BELIEVE HIM!!! I think that is the worst part, that there are girls who watch this show and believe that when someone tells them that this pairing is epic love, than its ok to EXCUSE physical harm. That is absolutely unacceptable. What’s even more unacceptable is to have Blair chasing Chuck this week the entire episode without as much as an apology from him for almost hitting her in the face. I’m sorry but that is not right whatsoever.

It is very unsettling that this is what this show is preaching and next week I fear that just because Chuck will save Blair from Russell’s vengeance, than everything will be absolutely OK between them and then they will get back together and next season we will have to witness their destruction all over again. If that is the case, I am out. This show has lost its luster. I mean how can you go from a great interesting storyline between Blair and Dan and then completely drop it out of nowhere to make way for a Prince and Chuck Bass’s so called redemption? I am sorry but it makes absolutely no sense.

While it was nice to see Jack Bass again, his presence still didn’t save this episode. I think it would be best if Desmond Harrington stayed with Dexter, at least that show is Emmy nominated. It was nice to see Jack, in the end, take his nephews side, even if it did seem forced and weak.

You know what else I want? I want an interesting storyline for Serena. Ever since Ben left she’s been really really boring and I didn’t even care for then Ben storyline all that much. I hate to say it but I almost want that storyline back because at least then she’d have some of her own drama to deal with.

I may not have liked Vanessa or Jenny but the actresses Jessica Schzor and Taylor Momsom are extremely lucky people for leaving the show. I also don’t see the character of Charlie as an improvement from Vanessa, Georgina, or Jenny. She is a weak character portrayed by a weak actress who isn’t all that interesting. So she is a little crazy and stalkerish, OK, but where is the interesting story? We’ve already seen three or four crazy ladies go after Dan and fall for it before realizing they were absolutely nuts. Charlie is the same girl with just a different background.

I have absolutely no idea where they are going with this series any more. As I said it is very unsettling but with declining ratings and new CW president and marketing exec, I really hope that they start to influence Josh Safran and Stephanie Savage to make some hardcore changes (like telling them that preaching physical abuse is NOT OK, regardless of who the couple is!). The season finale better damn well set up an interesting season five. Please to not rinse, wash, and repeat please.

Ugh. Like that will ever happen. OH well till next week I guess…

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