The Good Wife Review: In Sickness

Last night on The Good Wife we saw Alicia finally reach her breaking point, the return of Martha Plimpton, the wonderful and beautiful Ken Cosgrove, an awkward “hello” between Kalinda and Alicia, and a new alliance form between to unlikely characters. It was quite the set up for the final three episodes of the season.

We last saw Alicia, at the election party to celebrate her husband’s victory in being reelected as the new state’s attorney. Then at the last moment of that last episode, we saw Alicia find out from Cary’s investigator, Andrew, that Peter had a one night stand with Leela, whom Andrew didn’t know. However Alicia knew and the audience knew. Alicia had just found out that her husband slept with her best friend, Kalinda, someone Alicia thought would never hurt her. It was a powerful scene for Alicia and it was a hell of a way to break before a hiatus. This week we picked up right from that moment.

I knew we were in for one hell of an episode from the moment Alicia entered her apartment and just stared into the fridge right before she went and hastily packed all of Peter’s things and moved them to a new apartment. (Did anyone else find it really odd that you can get moves to come at such a late hour as well as get a real estate agent to help you rent an apartment? For some reason I still find that entirely to unrealistic.) Julianna Margulies is already a very very talented actress but what really got me last night was her subtle actions that showed she was ripping at the seams. As much as I would love love love for Elisabeth Moss to win the Emmy this year, I have to say, I think Margulies has it in the bag (and the season isn’t even over yet!)

Every scene that Alicia had with someone related to her relationship with Peter was just pure television gold. It all started with her first conversation with Peter after finding out about his one night stand with Kalinda. Peter says it was from the past that he’s a changed man but we all know that Alicia has had enough. I don’t blame her. I know there are many out there who are stand by your man (for example, Jackie) but I am sorry, I don’t condone cheating and the fact that Peter slept with so many woman during his marriage with Alicia didn’t do him any favors in my book. So I was extremely happy when she finally had enough and gave him the boot. I do have to give credit to Noth though, it’s hard to act against someone as great as Margulies but man did he hold his own in both his scenes last night with Alicia. Their scenes were positively chilly and ugly, as we saw these two come to the conclusion that their marriage was over.

Best scene of the night though has to go to that scene with her kids. Now I am not the biggest fan of Alicia’s kids, I find them really annoying but wow, they really held their own last night. That Alicia’s breaking point. We had seen her try and mask her pain and hurt since finding out and to watch her breakdown in front of her kids was so painfully brilliant. Just GIVE HER THE EMMY ALREADY!!!

And how about that last scene with Peter and Cary? I mean, Wow that was a pretty excellent ending in my book.  I like that these two are forming an alliance. I have no idea if it means that Cary will be a mole in Lockhart/Gardner or that he is going to continue to work with the State’s Attorney’s office but either way, I like it. It keeps around Peter and makes him have a storyline outside of his relationship with Alicia, so if the series is picked up for a third season (which is better damn well be) than I am sure we will still get to see lots of Chris Noth!

Aside from all of the Julianna Margulies goodness, we also saw the return of Martha Plimpton’s character Patti Nyholm. It was great to see her double/triple crossing her own firm as well as Lockhart/Gardner. She really is quite the character. I also have to say that it was GREAT to see Aaron Stanton from Mad Men play the lawyer who replaced Nyholm after she was fired. I haven’t seen him in anything else but Mad Men, so it was great to see that he’s great in pretty much any role he’s given. It’s an added plus as well to see any Mad Men star in an episode of television since it’s going to be awhile till that new season comes out.

It looks like next weeks is the big Alicia-Kalinda show down that we’ve all been waiting for since we first heard about Kalinda’s transgressions. It’s going to be epic, that’s for sure. I’m also waiting for that moment when Will finds out; I wonder what that will do to him. Two episodes left people. UGH! I really hope CBS isn’t stupid and picks this up for another season!

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