Glee Review: Rumor Has It

Glee has been on an off since its return from its break. We’ve now seen the first three episodes of their 6 episode streak to the end and so far it has been really inconsistent. I just wish the writers would strive to be better because it’s obvious they have genius ideas, they just can’t seem to execute them well. Using an entire episode through the songs from Fleetwood Mac’s Rumors album was a great idea, but it still left me a little bitter, which shouldn’t happen after listening to Fleetwood Mac songs. Oh well, I guess this is what we are going to get till then end of the season so let’s just get to the review of this week’s episode.


I was really happy to see April Rhodes back this week. I love any reason to get to get to see Kristen Chenoweth sing and act goofy but man, whoever did her makeup needs to be FIRED for making her look so old. Not Cool Glee,  NOT COOL! April was back because her  “all-white production of The Wiz was a disaster.” So she was back (at the request of Sue) to convince Shuester to come with her back to Broadway for the production of her new musical Crossrhodes: The April Rhodes Story. It was sweet and they performed Dreams by Fleetwood Mac and it was pretty. However, Shue just couldn’t leave the kids or Emma, so April went back on her way and left, much to Sue’s dismay.

Speaking of Sue

Seriously, how many times is Sue going to keep trying to take down Will before realizing that she’s not putting in all of her guns? Yes seeing her dress incognito as Ann Coulter and David Bowie was funny but personally I think she needs to work A LOT harder if she’s going to succeed. I think she is seriously underestimating the connection between the Glee Club and once she realizes that, then I will begin to fear again. Though I will give her props for starting up the school newspaper, The Mudraker, again; that was pretty clever.

Fondue for Two

Brittany was again her lovable self as she created her own web series called Fondue for Two. Her interactions with her cat Lord Tubbington were comedic gold and her interactions with Artie and Santana broke my cold little heart. Heather Morris is an extremely talented actress and the stuff they are giving her is just great. I have to give mad props to Santana as well. She is still struggling with her sexual identity and its hurting for Brittany. Still, her rendition of “Songbird” was straight up amazing. I really hope these two will work it out before the end of the season. They deserve happiness.

I Still Hate this Finn-Quinn-Rachel Triangle

How much longer do we have to suffer through this? I am sick and tired of seeing this relationship with Finn and Quinn because it is seriously making me hate both of their characters. How come Quinn can sing with Sam and help him out with his situation (which will get to in a minute) yet tell Finn that he can’t interact with Rachel anymore? Their relationship is based purely on hypocrisy and it is starting get on my nerves. I was extremely thrilled to see Rachel sing Go Your Own Way as her Fleetwood Mac song because she really needs to let Finn go until he figures out what he wants, because he certainly doesn’t seem to know what that is yet and his and Quinn’s rendition of I Don’t Want to Know nearly put me to sleep I was so bored. PLEASE GLEE PUT THIS TRIANGLE OUT OF ITS MISERY!!!

Trouty Mouth gets a Storyline!

So after knowing Sam for almost a full season, we FINALLY get a little bit of a backstory on him. He moved to Lima from Tennessee after his father got a new job but then recently his father lost his job. Sam is the first one on Gleeto get the economy sucks storyline. Sam and his family, he has a sister and a brother, are all living in small motel room. It was really sad and Chord Overstreet did well with what he was given, even when he was breaking down crying, I didn’t shout out, this is over the top. It felt real.

What’s to Come:

Well, with only three episodes of Glee left this season, I do wonder how exactly they are going to prepare for Nationals. The glee club seems a mess at the moment and with Prom next week, I can only sense more drama and disaster headed their way. But the GROFF is back for the last three episodes! That’s really all I care about. The fact that JESSIE ST JAMES and BLAINE will be in the same episode just makes me so happy that I might almost forget how insane Glee can be sometimes! Almost.



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