Gossip Girl Review: Pricesses and the Frog (aka: how I became seriously angry with GG in ONE episode)

This week’s Gossip Girl recap is going to be different. I am ranking our key characters on how much I wanted to throw them off a cliff this week: 6-1 (6-4 they don’t get thrown off 3-2 they do, and then there is One, who gets thrown off a cliff and then some. Sorry that I am being cruel, it’s just how I feel.)

6. Nate: I’ll be honest I am really not the biggest fan of the whole Raina and her Mother storyline that Gossip Girl seems to thing we are just so interested in but I have to give it to Nate, he did stick up for himself and his girlfriend after realizing his best friend was a complete lost cause. He is usually a useless character who brings very little to the plot nowadays but tonight, I was glad they used him well. So Nate, you are the Character I hated the least last night! Congrats!

5. Eric: Eric may still be the voice of reason on this show but tonight something really pissed me off. He KNEW what Serena was up to and he even compared her to Jenny and that scheme she pulled off with the gum in the hair YET he sat back and WATCHED as Serena went off to scheme against Blair! Where was the motivational speech? Where was the, this is not my sister, I’m seriously hating you vibe he would give Jenny when she tried to pull those types of schemes?? Eric you know better! Please try harder next time.

4. Dan: I still love Dan, which is why I can’t throw him off the cliff just yet. You see, he is still very charming and some kind of wonderful that as frustrated as I was with his character last night, I wasn’t frustrated enough to give up on him just yet. I hate that he fell for Charlie’s tricks, even after he knew what Vanessa was up to. Serena is on a warpath with Blair and he thinks it’s a good idea to start getting to know Charlie better? He does realize that Charlie is Serena’s cousin right? Not to mention she is batshit crazy but still. What happened to Dan wanting to focus on his writing again?? I want that Dan back. And speaking of people I want back…

3. Blair: I WANT BLAIR WALDORF BACK PLEASE!! I don’t want this crazy girl who thinks it’s OK to get engaged to someone she’s only known for like 5 days and whose family doesn’t even approve of her. Yes, she and Louis have chemistry (which I am somewhat happy about, I was afraid there was going to be none which would have made this plot soooo much worse. Thankfully Leighton Meester has chemistry with everyone and their mother that it worked out.) Blair honey, I know you were traumatized by your crazy ex and want to escape into Fairy Tale mode, but Gossip Girl doesn’t do fairy tales, and I can tell you one thing, this engagement isn’t going to last. Its going to end badly, so why don’t you go and end this fairy tale you think you have going on and Go back to Brooklyn and save Dan from that crazy Charlie chick OK??

2. Serena: I want the Serena from the first batch of season 4 episodes back. I don’t like this useless, manipulative, and vengeful Serena. For one, She needs to grow up and realize the world doesn’t revolve around her. Second, instead of trying to sabotage Blair, she should have been knocking sense into her. Now, Blair is engaged and pissed off that you tried to ruin her happy moment because you were angry at her friendship and kiss with Dan. Now it’s going to be harder for you to convince her that she’s making a gigantic big mistake. This Serena, the one who DEFENDED Chuck, needs TO GO! This is the Serena that I want to be thrown off the cliff and then the Serena who we all know is still in there can come back! MAKE THIS HAPPEN WRITERS!

1. Chuck: I have tried and tried to reason with Chuck this season but I just can’t anymore. I know that there are some SERIOUS Chuck and Blair fans out there but I am sorry REGARDLESS of the fact that this show is fiction, it is NEVER and I repeat NEVER OK to support a guy who FORCES himself on a woman, especially a woman he “claims” to love. If you support him, I suggest seeing a psychiatrist and get on some drugs because that is NOT OK. I am sick and tired of the Chuck pity party and they people who support him. Yes, Blair hasn’t had much growth these past couple of episodes either but Chuck hasn’t had ANY growth this season and the writers are the ones to blame. They just keep digging a bigger and bigger hole for themselves in regards to Chuck’s character and right now I just don’t see any way out.

At this point and I hate to say this but it really is the only viable way I can see plausible: The only way Chuck can be redeemed is through a heroic type death. If he dies protecting Blair that I can be at peace with his character. However, what I do not want to see are the writers redeeming him in ONE episode and making it seem like everything he did to Blair was OK. I will really stop watching this show if they do that.

This show is already on the brink of sever ratings and I imagine that if they keep screwing up their storylines and their characters they will not see an increase in ratings. They will get canceled at the end of Season 5 and at this point, I am beginning to think that might be the best option. I really hope that they have something better than this awfulness in the last two episodes because I can’t take much more. Thank god the season is almost over. They better have one fantastic season finale.

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