Gossip Girl: Thoughts after “Petty in Pink”

So I have been trying to write about Gossip Girl since it came back from its hellish seven week hiatus but now that two episodes have past I have to say, I am really disappointed by what I have seen. I was realllly digging this season since the beginning and I was really enjoying the interactions with Dan and Blair in the middle but now it seems like everything is just a mess and I really don’t see how they can fix things in the next three episodes.

When we last left the Upper East Side, Blair and Dan had that cute little kiss to see if they had any feelings for each other. According to Blair, she only realized that she was still in love with Chuck and that she wanted to be with him again. OK this was sort of understandable, I mean Chuck was her first intense real love so it makes sense that she still wants to be with him and I don’t judge her for it. Not to mention, I just don’t see her admitting right away that she has feelings for Dan. I mean, kissing him is one thing but realizing you might have feelings for a guy who you’ve considered inferior for the past three or so years is something completely different. It is easier for Dan to recognize his feelings because he dated Serena and now understands the lives of the Upper East Siders (he even is kind of one now.)

Now, here is where things get messy. Gossip Girl decided that since Blair had realized that Chuck was still acting like a child and wasn’t ready to her boyfriend yet, she was going to finally move on. Enter Prince Louis from episode one and two from this season, the guy who she left the shoe with back in Paris. OK, back when we first met Louis, I thought oh this is cute; she’s met a prince in Paris. This will make a nice summer fling. However, it was never a fling; it was like TWO silly dates before she realized she needed to go back to New York to figure out things regarding Chuck. It’s been over 6 months since she last saw this guy and he’s decided that now was the time to find Blair again? Huh? We hardly know anything about this guy and the writers have decided that Blair needs to be with him? This would make sense if there had been some actual build up, like she had with Dan, but there was nothing and I personally feel offended as someone who is TEAM BLAIR to see the writers decide to pull a, sorry if I offend anyone here, Serena like storyline on her because that is EXACTLY how I am seeing this story and the sad thing is, like with most Serena storylines, I have absolutely no idea where this is headed but I fear its headed towards disaster.

Speaking of Serena, I have to say, I think I’ve reached my breaking point with her. Back in Season one and two she used to be a fun and flirty character whose escapades I enjoyed watching. However, and I can’t really pin point when or where it occurred, I stopped liking her. I think it was back when they introduced her father to the story and she was acting all sorts of irrational and I just found it highly irritating but then she chose Blair and Paris for the summer over everything else and I found her great again and up till the Ben storyline, I was digging her again. I loved her secret schemes with Blair in trying to take down Juliet. Then she told Dan she wasn’t ready to be with him yet and went after Ben and that whole disastrous mess. Call me silly but I still think that storyline is far from over. I feel he could return. Anyways, now she’s found out about Dan and Blair. Now she has every right to be upset that they hid things from her regarding their relationship/friendship/whatnot because they really should have been honest with her. But now she’s decided she wants to get revenge on Blair? I am sorry but why can’t she just let it be and focus on herself for a change? I want Serena to stop acting like a spoiled brat who always gets her way and start looking at herself and finally decide that she NEEDS to change. Why Gossip Girl writers, Why can’t you give Blake Lively a great storyline? Don’t you realize that she and Leighton are two great actresses who are going to make it BIG once this silly show is over? USE THEIR POTENTIAL, THEY DON’T DESERVE THIS NONSENSE!!

As for Chuck…dear god I don’t know what to say about him. I want them to get rid of this Raina Thorpe storyline and start making him a good person again or (PLEASE DON’T CHASTISE ME) kill the character off. Yes, you would lose ¾ of your fan base but seriously, I can’t stand to watch him anymore. He keeps getting pushed further and further away from being redeemed that I feel like the only way he can now be redeemed is death; a hero’s death. You can tell Ed Westwick is sicken by his storyline as well when you watch his interviews, he might not go out and say, this storyline sucks but if you watch his body posture and facial expressions, you can tell he’s bored to tears. I mean, this is an actor who is soon going to be on the big screen in a Clint Eastwood film, and once the public and Hollywood sees how great of an actor he is, he’s not going to have time for silly shows like this one. So, Savage and Safron, if you happen to read this, please find a redeeming storyline for Chuck or let Ed go, because it’s hurting me to see him suffer.

As for everyone else on the show, well I really don’t have much to say. I really think Vanessa needs to be let go, they haven’t found a good storyline for her AT ALL, and I think its time they start saving money by letting her go. She has become more useless than ever and now that Dan has completely cut her out his life, I’d say its time to say goodbye. Let her find a new show where her uselessness can be used.

And what about Nate? Either put him back with Serena or find something interesting for him to do because he’s becoming pretty useless as well, which is sad because I actually like Nate and I would like to see him used more. Or bring back Jenny and restart that storyline again because those two did have chemistry and I am sure this show could find something for them to do; especially since she should be graduating soon.

I have no idea where the rest of this season is headed and that really frightens me. I really hope they can make this Prince Storyline work but right now I am finding it absolutely boring. As much as I love Blair, she is not meant for the Royal life. This girl is a schemer and my guess is that Louis is not going to find that all that appealing after a while. Also, I do not trust this Charlie chick one bit. I said this on my twitter after Monday night’s episode aired and I still believe it: She is a poor mans’s Georgina/Juliet and they didn’t even stunt cast. It’s LAME and I wish Dan would RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN! 3 episodes left people, I hope it ends well!

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