The Vampire Diaries Review: Klaus

Since we first heard about the original vampire, Klaus, back in the fall The Vampire Diaries audience has been waiting patiently for his arrival and his backstory. Last night, Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec finally gave us that story and man did they deliver. TVD has been very action-packed this year and when it slows down we usually end up with flashbacks which are always nice because you get to see the origin of why things are the way they are and because you get to see people dressed up in awesome costumes. I have to say though, out of all the flashbacks we’ve had this season, this one was by far the best.

Last week we left off with that amazing cliffhanger in which Elena pulled the dagger out of Elijah’s body. She had nearly lost her best friend and she wasn’t about to play anymore games; she meant business. She sat and waited for him to regain consciousness and once he did, she apologized and gave him the dagger as a sign of trust and started to demand answers about Klaus. I’d like to say, I love that even though Elijah himself may not be trustworthy at times, I love that one person he does trust now, is Elena. She brings him to the Lockwood mansion where he tricks Carol Lockwood into giving him some new clothes and then he begins to tell Elena his backstory and his connection/relationship to the big bad Klaus.

I have to say, I applaud Williamson and Plec for changing up the mythology of the sacrifice right before the end of the season that takes guts. I’ll admit I had always found the sun and moon curse a little confusing when I first heard it. I couldn’t quite understand why Klaus wanted to lift the curse or why it mattered when Vampires could already find a way to walk in the sun. The only answer I had was that he really hated the werewolves and that he wanted to them to have to always suffer. However, we learned tonight that the sun and the moon curse never really existed, it was a curse that Klaus and Elijah, who by the way ARE BROTHERS, came up with to disguise Klaus’s real curse. That’s right the curse is curse not bestowed on vampires and werewolves, it’s a curse BESTOWED SOLELY ON KLAUS!

Klaus and Elijah are brothers from the same mother but not the same father. That’s right, Klaus was the illegitimate child, from an affair his mother had with a werewolf. So the ORIGINAL vampire is ALSO a friggin WEREWOLF, which is an extremely deadly type of combination. However, since the witches and nature could not have such an imbalance, they placed a curse on Klaus using the doppelgänger, and made his werewolf side dormant. So by making up the Sun and the Moon curse, Klaus had both Vampires and Werewolves looking for the doppelgänger. This man is quite conniving I will give him that. So now he has found Elena, and he has his own band of witches and he is finally ready to have the curse lifted from him.

As much as it was wonder to finally meet the real Klaus, and I must say Joseph Morgan did quite a good job, this episode truly belonged to Daniel Gillies who plays Elijah. He was utterly fantastic in his melancholy ways as he explained his past and Klaus’ past to Elena. It seemed (well at least it’s what I took from the flashbacks) that Elijah once really cared for Katherine; whether it was actual love or just that he care enough to not see her get killed, it was still interesting to see that Katherine had an impact on him. Anyways, I loved that he has now turned that care he once had for Katherine and put it towards Elena now that they have a truce to end Klaus’s games and kill him once and for all. My guess is this bond he has to the doppelgänger comes from the original girl, who my guess is someone Elijah once loved. Either way I am happy to see that Elena is no longer wanting to be the damsel in distress and taking her own incentive to save the ones she loves, along with her own life.

Unfortunately, Damon doesn’t seem to think Elena can save herself and as it was shown last night, this is only going to lead to more trouble. He loves Elena more that I think we previously knew and I am afraid that his love his blinding his cleverness and it is making him quite crazy. I really feel bad for him because he is essentially having a breakdown and my fear is the only way he is going to come out of it is by death. I know that it is very unlikely that Damon is going to die, he is a part of the main cast. I just hope they can bring him back to sanity without completely destroying his character and now make him look psychotic for loving Elena.

So now, after all this info-dump we are headed into the final three episodes of this season. I have to say I am quite excited and I can’t wait to see how this whole sacrifice ritual plays out. Tyler’s back next week, which makes me extremely happy, I just hope he’s here to stay! As for Klaus, boy I can’t wait to see what he does next. He was really charming yet Really creepy wasn’t he?

Other Thoughts:

~Jenna Knows!! So now everyone on the show knows about the existence of vampires and werewolves. Gotta say that’s a really interesting twist.

~Anyone else noticing the brothers theme parralell between Stefan/Damon and Elijah/Klaus? Very Interesting if you ask me.

~We’ve finally met Greta who I assume is the daughter of Dr. Martin and sister Luka who are both dead thanks to Elena, Stefan, and Damon. Yeah my guess she isn’t going to be too happy when she finds out her family is dead.

~So in order from oldest to youngest, it’s Witches, Werewolves, then Vampires?

~ “I’m a little behind on the times, but I believe the term you’re searching for is OMG.” –I LOVE ELIJAH!!! PLEASE MAKE HIM STAY!! PLEASE!!! 

One thought on “The Vampire Diaries Review: Klaus

  1. As we all know, although Damon is the badass of the series, Klaus is going to be the ultimate Bad vampire throught the season 🙂
    for more info-

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