Nikita: Thought’s on Girl’s Best Friend

Many of you know by now that I love Nikita and I have written about it since its come back because I feel like I have absolutely no idea where this show is headed anymore. It’s not that the episodes we’ve seen haven’t been good, on the contrary they’ve been very action packed. However, I feel like they’ve lost site on the fact that they completely built up Alex’s character during the winter and made her really interesting and now it’s like they’ve completely forgotten everything we’ve learned.

I still don’t like this storyline with Jaden. Don’t get me wrong, I think Tiffany Hines is a great actress and she is the only reason that I haven’t flat out fast forward through the scenes but still, this storyline seems a little stale and redundant. I like that they are beginning to show her more ambitious side and I have a feeling she’s going to enact revenge on Alex at any moment. I think Hines isn’t needed on this show to be honest, I’d rather see her on a different show, something less action but with more drama.

Alex is still at Division but she wants to leave, like NOW. She even has a dream about telling Nathan who she really is only to find out he’s a division agent. It was really kind of silly, especially since I haven’t bought her relationship with this guy since day one. However, it is interesting though that she no longer wants to leave Division and that she wants to complete the mission at hand. In many ways, she is a lot like Michael in that she wants to make a difference. A lot of this comes from the fact that she is still very young but still, I have a feeling that this feeling of needing to make a difference is going to expand into her taking over her empire.

Speaking of Michael, I am still on the edge on the fact that Michael and Nikita are now together. I like that Michael is now on Team Nikita/Alex and that Nikita now has another in in Division. However, I feel like by getting them together this soon, they have become way too old married couple like. That second to last scene of the episode, where Nikita was sitting next to Michael and Alex was talking to them like she was their kid was way too weird. I’d like for them all to look at each other as equals in this mission. I don’t know maybe this whole family mode they’re in will work out to their advantage but how often does that really happen?

As I said earlier, I have no idea where this season is headed. With Michael on Nikita’s side I like that every episode is no longer, Nikita is here, Michael go take her down or kill her and blah blah blah. I like that the episodes are beginning to focus more towards Alex again because I really think that is where this series is at its best. They need to bring her back to the forefront of the series. I want them to bring back her past and how it will affect everyone in the series. By the way, since Michael is now on Nikita’s side, does he know who Alex really is and that Nikita didn’t follow through on that mission when she was supposed to kill her? If he doesn’t I wonder how he is going to react when he finds out what Nikita really did.

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