The Vampire Diaries Review: The Last Dance

Yesterday afternoon I saw this on Julie Plec’s Twitter:

Generally, showrunners would like it if you didn’t spoil things on your twitter feed while the episode aired but they normally don’t take their time to tell you; its always assumed. So when BOTH Julie and Kevin made remarks about the episode tonight, I knew to be on high alert. After watching last night’s episode, all I have to say is WOW. Last night, we not only got a crazy high paced episode but we got one of the most emotionally beautiful episodes this show has ever produced.

Last week we were left with that doozy of a cliffhanger when we found out that Klaus had possessed Alaric’s body. I just want to say that Matt Davis took it to another level tonight. I mean he really brought his A-Game this week because it takes a lot for me to not find him creepy but this week he proved me wrong. Klaus is exactly as I predicted, he’s charming, psychotic, and completely in control. I didn’t know if Matt Davis had it in him to play that type of role but he proved me wrong because anyone who can scare the crap out of Katherine is terrifying in all sense of the word. There is a reason that he is the most powerful vampire; he’s clever, he’s experience, and he doesn’t like it when people try to outsmart him. I really hope that Klaus’ possession of Alaric doesn’t harm Alaric because I will truly miss Matt Davis A LOT if he doesn’t survive this. He is one of the strongest actor’s on this show. So far only Nina Doberv has been given the task of acting as two characters and there is a reason Davis was given the job to play Klaus, because he is an asset. This is an actor you don’t want to let go of just yet, TVD!

I am going to be honest; there was a point this season where I really didn’t care for Bonnie. I found her anger towards Vampires and all that I hate you Damon and Stefan stuff really annoying which is why I kind of stop caring about what would happen to her. I can’t really place where it was that I changed my opinion, maybe it was when she came with Elena to Caroline’s house to help Caroline after she had been tortured but somewhere this season it changed. After last night, I am on Team Bonnie, she proved herself worthy of my pool of tears I cried for her when I thought she had died. I will admit, I didn’t see through Damon and Bonnie’s “fake death” plan at first. When she went to fight Klaus/Alaric in the cafeteria and I began to see her nose bleed I believed that this was it for our resident witch, that she was using her powers way too soon and that this would be last we’d seen of her. I truly believed that she had sacrificed herself for Elena. Elena’s reactions were devastating and I completely understand her outrage when Damon told her the truth about what he and Bonnie did. However all was redeemed with Bonnie and Elena’s “reunion” and Jeremy sitting next to her, relieved that another one of his girlfriends had not passed away.

As Bonnie and Elena were re-cementing their bond they have for each other via video chat; the bond between Stefan and Damon was yet again, beginning to crack. With Damon not letting Stefan in on the plan, you can see Stefan’s growing frustration. My only issue with this is that Stefan is Damon’s brother and has known him for over 100 years, honestly, he should have known or asked Damon what was really going on as opposed to jumping to the conclusion that Damon had let Bonnie die. I understand Elena’s reaction but not Stefan’s. I did love that scene with Damon and Elena though, where she forgives him for not letting her in on his and Bonnie’s plan. I am glad that Damon told her “ I will ALWAYS choose you.” We had seen a confession like this in the past, where he told her that he loved her before he compelled her to forget it, but tonight he was completely honest with her. It was a very touching scene and I have to say, it really made me see just how much Damon really loves her. I wonder if Elena is starting to see this as well. One thing is for certain though; Stefan sees it and he doesn’t like it.

Then there was that very last scene. Many didn’t see it coming, but I kind of did. We all know that Elena is desperate to find out more information. This is a woman who completely understands now that her life, as well as her friend’s lives, is on line. There is no more time to tip toe around the issue. It is time for action. So when she went down to the cellar and took the dagger out of Elijah I was not in the least bit surprised; I was ecstatic! I can’t wait to see Elijah again. Next week’s flash back episode is going to be amazing!

Other thoughts:

~ I love that even though there is a Centuries old Original Vampire on the loose looking for Elena, she decides that it is still important to go to school. What a good student.

~ Zach Roerig is playing Matt perfectly in regards to Matts deception. I feel so bad for Caroline. She is going to be devastated when she finds out the truth. However, with Matt know seeing that something bigger is going on I wonder if this boy might accidently get himself stuck in the crossfire.

~ Damon Dancing. No other thoughts needed.

~As I stated earlier, Klaus is CRAZY and I have to say I REALLY hope Joseph Morgan, the dude playing him for real, can do him justice because Matt Davis ROCKED as Klaus.

~ “I searched for you for 500 years. Your death is going to last at least half that.” – poor Katherine, having to stab yourself over and over and over again, no wonder she’s so terrified of Klaus.

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