How I Met Your Mother Review: The Exploding Meatball sub

I don’t even know where to begin in regards to this week’s How I Met Your Mother. It’s not that it was super complicated and really good; it’s more that it just really fell flat, especially after the great string of episodes that preceded it. I have no idea what happened. It was like they had a really really bad off week and just decided to come up with some of the lamest stories ever.

They had a great opportunity to write a great story between Barney and Robin (and still not have to make it romantic) and instead they use it to make Barney look stupider than ever.  I have to agree with Robin on this one, what’s wrong with you Barney?? I would like to see Barney take a step towards admitting he wants to know more about his Dad. I feel like they have completely lost track on what to do with Robin as well. They gave her that new job earlier in the season and they sort of abandoned that storyline to focus on everyone else. I really hope, with this new two season renewal, that they start giving her more stuff to do again. You’ve made some great progress this season!! Why are you holding it all back? I hate to say but I think Robin needs to somehow get Nora back to shape Barney back up again. I’d love for Robin to help, but I am coming to the conclusion that the writers no longer want to go back there with her and Barney. It’s sad because these two have great chemistry together, but I just don’t think they want to put them together.

I’d really wish they’d just end Ted and Zoey now that we know their relationship ends disastrously, I’d rather not see them fight and then make up for the rest of the season. Also, why did Marshall have to quit his job at GNB to work for the NRDC only to realize he needs a stable income to support him and Lily? Nothing seemed to fit and nothing was funny and there was nothing great about that whole “10 years later” but either.

I have no idea where the rest of this season is headed and with the season almost over, I am really hoping this was just one of those episodes they throw in their before the last leg of the good stuff. I know what this show is capable; we all do, so I have hope for the rest of the season. I just hope they don’t prove me wrong.

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