The Vampire Diaries Review: Know Thy Enemy

It has been a very long 6 weeks since the last episode of The Vampire Diaries and now that it’s back I find myself hating that I have to wait another week until the next episode. I have no idea how I am going to survive this summer, especially after what I expect to be and epic season finale. This mid-mid season premier did everything we expected it to do and more. We saw more deception and betrayals, double-crosses, deaths, a person getting possessed, and our main character deciding that it’s OK to trust the untrustworthy. It was a jammed packed hour, that’s for sure.

When we last left off, Isobel had just shown up at Elena’s house, letting Jenna know that she had been lied to by everyone she loved and Caroline had told Matt that she was a vampire. Neither Jenna nor Matt took the news especially well.  Jenna I think got the worst of it, she may not have found out the real reason Isobel was still alive but she did find out that Elena, Alaric, Jeremy, and everyone else had lied to her. I don’t blame her for taking off and trying to get away from all the craziness. Is it wrong of me to hope that she stays away long enough so she survives the season? I love seeing Aunt Jenna, but I don’t want her anywhere near Elena for the next five episodes, she might get caught in the cross-fire and I don’t want that what so ever!

So after Jenna leaves, we learn that Isobel, John, and Katherine are all in cahoots to drive away Klaus. John and Isobel (well sort of, she’s been compelled) are in it to protect Elena and Katherine just wants to stay alive. Katherine believes that Isobel and she are working together to bring the moonstone and Elena to Klaus. (I would just like to say, why was Damon so stupid enough to keep the moonstone in the house…with Katherine? That just doesn’t make logical sense to me whatsoever. Damon seemed smarter than that, so why on earth did he think he could pull a fast one over Katherine by hiding it in a SOAP BOWL? Why does he even have a soap bowl?)However, after a bunch of double crossing, Elena ends up with Isobel and Katherine is taken by some weird witchy guy whose name I don’t think we learned. Alaric is also captured by the same witch, thanks to Isobel.

We then learn, at a graveyard, that Isobel had been compelled to double-cross Katherine and keep Elena safe, she tells Elena she’s sorry for not being a better mother and lets herself burn up IN FRONT OF HER DAUGHTER. I know Elena has already seen some pretty crazy shit but seeing your own flesh and blood burn to ashes in a graveyard after telling you they’re sorry? I can’t blame her for being so traumatized that she thinks it’s a good idea to start trusting John. (I’d just like to say, no one, sane or not, should ever ‘trust’ a character played by David Anders. Anders doesn’t do trustworthy…ever. He always plays the guy with an ulterior motive. I know Elena that you just witnessed the death of your birth mother, but that doesn’t mean you should start trusting John!!) I know they didn’t give us a scene after Elena told John that she would start letting him in, but I am secretly hoping that this is another scheme between Stefan, Damon, and Elena. However, after Damon’s little stint in hiding the moonstone in the house and Stefan taking his eyes of Elena allowing her to get kidnapped, I am starting to question how clever the Salvatore brothers really are.

So, after being double-crossed by John and Isobel, Katherine wakes up in an apartment and sees the man witch performing some sort of magic on a man sitting in a Chair with some sort of staff with glass thing on it, next to him. Anyways, the man is reveled to be Alaric and when he gets up to greet Katherine; we realize it’s no longer Alaric, it’s Klaus, who has now possessed are dear Alaric’s body. Now that was a great twist, especially since we’ve been lead to believe, via the press, that Klaus wouldn’t be arriving till several episodes from now. I have to say, I can’t WAIT to see where this leads, but I do hope that after all this craziness, Alaric is still alive. I love Matt Davis and I like seeing him on this show, OK Kevin Williamson and Julie Pelc?

Anyways, Alaric isn’t the only character in danger this week. There’s also Bonnie and Caroline who, respectively, also have their own problems. Let’s start with Bonnie shall we? Bonnie, Jeremy, and Damon all go on excursion to Emily Bennett’s old manors where all the old Salem Witches died. Bonnie goes to there because if she can harness the ancient witches’ powers, she’ll be one seriously powerful young witch. Her mission works, unfortunately there’s a catch: She is going to have to use all of this power to kill Klaus and once she does, she’s gonna end up six feet under like the rest of her ancestors. Jeremy is NOT happy about this because not only is his sister ready to sacrifice herself, now his new GIRLFRIEND wants to do the same thing. Not to mention, when he kisses a girl, a couple of episodes later, give or take, they end up dead. So yeah, Jeremy isn’t too thrilled with Bonnie’s latest mission. Neither am I quite frankly, because I like Bonnie and I don’t want to see her go.

I am going to say this right now and I don’t care if you don’t like me afterwards but here it is: I don’t like Matt for Caroline. I haven’t for a while. Contrary to what a lot of people may think, he’s not a very good boyfriend. He has never loved Caroline the way she loves him, (which is pretty unconditionally if you ask me), and he’ll never carry a torch for her like he does for Elena. We have seen Caroline grow so much since her transformation and to see her make exceptions for Matt, the way she didn’t for Tyler, really saddens me. I also hate that her boyfriend and her own mother have teamed up against her and the rest of the vampires in Mystic Falls. I know what Tyler did was horrible, watching Caroline and her friends get tortured, but what Matt and her mother are doing is just as bad as what Tyler did, maybe even worse. Story and Plot wise, the twist with Matt and Sheriff Forbes was kind of brilliant. It actually made Matt interesting and will give him something to do (even if I still don’t like him) for the last five episodes.

So, overall, this episode was not only very strong, it had enough plot twists in entire episode that takes a lot of shows, a whole season to pull off. I can’t wait to see what they do with Alaric/Klaus next week. As I said, I hope Alaric can survive all this and I hope Caroline can survive the betrayal from her mom and boyfriend. All I know is I am super excited for next week!

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