The Good Wife Review: Killer Song

“Its like when a storm is over — we don’t know whether to be happy or just relieved.”

After last week’s revelation (I’m taking back calling it a bombshell because Alicia still doesn’t know about it yet, neither does Cary, so when the day comes that, my friends, will be a Bombshell with catastrophic consequences) about Kalinda and Peter’s dirty little secret, I was happy to see The Good Wife slow things down this week, even if it was a little uneven in some places. The best parts of the episode involved every scene Kalinda was in and every scene Eli Gold had this week. If I had to name a VIP for the episode, it would be Eli and Kalinda; they each great performances this week.

Lockhart and Gardner handled the case of the daughter of a murder victim. The murder/rapist, Jarvis Bowes, had gotten off on a plea of insanity 30 years ago but had written a very successful song that seemed to be about her mother’s murder. The goal was to try and connect the lyrics from the song to the details of the murder. They were unable to do so because the song really wasn’t about the murder victims mother, it was about another murder/rape Bowes had committed. It was all very convoluted and complicated but it was awesome to see Alicia take hold of the case and discover that Bowes had in fact, killed another woman, even after Bowes asked Alicia to be his lawyer on another case. I have to say, even though this case was bizarre, I still enjoyed it. It was great to see The Captain from Gossip Girl play a crazy person. I feel like he had more work to do in one episode of The Good Wife than he has whenever he’s on Gossip Girl.

Best dialogue from the night:

Jarvis: “Standing by your man, I wrote a song about it.”
Alicia: “How gratifying.” ”
Jarvis: “I’ll send it you.”
Alicia: “Oh, goody.”

I still don’t really understand the point of this storyline with Eli and Natalie Flores. I get that she was brought in as a love-interest of sorts for Eli but the whole storyline seems flat. Yes, I get that she was used as a prop to sabotage Wendy Scott-Carr and back in that episode; the plotline was fine but now? Not so much; which is sad because I adore America Ferrera to no end but I hate seeing her in silly storylines, especially on a show that is as good as this one. However, I do want to see more scenes with Eli and his daughter. Alan Cumming, for some odd reason, just has FANTASTIC chemistry with young woman who are as snarky as he is. His daughter is so hilarious; their little argument about America SucksNo, People Suck, was just perfectly executed. More Alan Cumming, please.

This week we saw a different side of Kalinda; we saw her vulnerable side. It was great (and sad) to see Kalinda off her game for a change. This is a woman who is usually always put together and highly confident about everything. She misses a key part of the trial when Will needs her most to take a phone call regarding her drama. She calls Cary in the middle of the night to find out if he’s heard anything about Blake talking to an ASA and when Cary goes digging and finds out it was Matan who was given the interview, Kalinda goes straight to Peter for damage control. It’s not like either of these two to be in a panic mode, but even if they seemed calm as they talked to each other about their secret, the panic was there. Peter admitted that he had fallen in love with his wife again and he didn’t want to lose that. We all know that this is the silver bullet in their marriage. Once Alicia finds out, she’s gone. Sleeping with prostitutes is one thing but sleeping with a co-worker who is now best friends with your wife? That is fatal for everyone involved.

Alicia won’t find it easy to forgive him on this, maybe Kalinda down the road, but I don’t see Alicia and Peter recovering from this. If this is where the writers are headed, I predict that we will still see Peter next season. He won’t make divorce easy and if he is elected as the States Attorney than he won’t make it easy for Lockhart Gardner either. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens to his kids as well. With Grace and Zach ALWAYS using the internet, there is no way these kids won’t find out what he did. I just wonder how they will take it. Will they forgive him? Will they blame their mom? Or will they side with Alicia this time? Either way, it is sure going to be interesting to find out.

Next week brings back Michael J. Fox! Ok Good Wife just up this man to a recurring character because we know you love him! Really I Love Fox’s interactions with Alicia and next week sure looks like it will be a funny one, in midst of all the Kalinda/Peter drama.

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