The Good Wife Review: Ham Sandwich

This show, in my humble opinion, can do no wrong. The Good Wife isn’t usually one for big jaw dropping bombshells; this show isn’t on the CW for goodness sakes.  So when, at the end of the 17 episode (remember there is still 5-7 episodes left), Blake reveals to Kalinda that he knows her deep dark secret, that she slept with Peter to cover up her past, I was left with my mouth hitting the floor. It was the perfect kind of twist to end this already great episode.

The Case of the Week

When we were first introduced to Lemond Bishop (Wood Harris), I wasn’t quite sure where they were going to go with his plot. I honestly thought he would leave the minute Bond left but I was proven wrong, Lockhart Gardner wanted him to stay and with that they took on his already tricky divorce case. I have to say I kind of laughed at the fact that Alicia had to get emotionally invested with this guy, along with David Lee (whom I just want to say I LOVE!) but the story was rather interesting. They had to defend his illegal drug-dealing money away from his money crazed wife, who may or may not have been having an affair with the lawyer.

They started with mediation, something I don’t think we’ve seen on The Good Wife yet, so it was interesting to see them in this process of legal proceedings. It had been earlier revealed that Bishop’s legal businesses were close to bankruptcy and that the only reason he was staying afloat was because of his drug dealing business, something his wife was very much informed about. The FBI was brought in to state that his business was valued at $88 million, who did Alicia and David Lee bring in? None other than Bishop’s finance man played by Wire alum J.D. Williams, named Dexter Roja. When Bishop says he’ll give $1 million and his wife states NO and she’s taking the children if he doesn’t adjust that number up. After bringing in their son Dylan into mediation, Bishop caves and states he’ll settle at $21 million, but she won’t agree and they head to trial. Yet she doesn’t show because his wife OD’s the night before.

It’s pretty damn obvious by the smirk on Bishop’s face that he played a role in her overdose. His wife’s lawyer was more than convinced and you could tell that goodie-twoshoes Alicia was convinced Bishop played a role as well. I have to say, I really enjoyed that twist. It showed David and Alicia just who they are getting into bed with. Before I would have wanted The Good Wife to drop this storyline with Bishop but now, I’m intrigued. I really want to see how far deep Lockhart-Gardner will invest in Bishop and what kind of repercussions that will follow them.

The Campaign

I’m going to pause here for a minute and discuss the campaign before I get to the night’s big events. Peter is on the verge of beating Wendy Scott-Carr in the polls but Eli finds out that they need to secure the blue-collar votes if they really want to win this campaign. So he takes down every photo showing Peter will a colored person and shows that Peter wants to “restore old-Chicago.” This seriously bugs Grace (ughh I really don’t like her) and she calls Eli out after he tells Pastor Isaiah to hit the road and return after the election. She then tells her mom about Eli’s shenanigans and Alicia gets pissed and tells Eli that her kids can now be a part of the campaign. This means that Zach can bring his black girlfriend to Peter’s speech at Zach’s school. Eli is not happy but realizes he can’t be beat. I love that guy.

Kalinda, her legal case, and that bombshell

This week we finally see Kalinda confess to Alicia that she’s been called to a grand jury about an allegation that she beat a witness. Throughout this entire season we’ve seen Alicia and Kalinda’s friendship grow and blossom into something awesome. It’s Alicia’s one relationship that I can actually stand and it’s only gotten better as the season progressed. So this week we saw Alicia represents Kalinda at the grand jury (much to Child’s dismay) and protect Kalinda from incrementing herself. It is at the grand-jury that it is Blake who is Child’s star witness and that Kalinda isn’t really the target; Lockhart Gardner is.

Even though the firm is the main target, Child’s is still pressing against Kalinda, threatening an indictment that would leave her with a 2 year jail sentence. In an attempt to save herself, she told a story about how she followed Blake to a hotel, the same hotel where it was revealed that Bishop’s wife was having an affair. Blake decided to flee knowing that the wrath of Bishop was way worse than seeing Kalinda or Lockhart Gardner taken down. We discover this after Cary calls Alicia. I have to say, out of all the great scenes we had tonight, that was by far my favorite. Cary, after Kalinda, has always been a favorite character of mine. I love his interactions with everyone but he is always at his best when he has those great conversations with the woman of this show. Tonight, we got a great little moment between him and Alicia. After informing her that Blake had left town there was a little silence before Alicia sincerely asked Cary how he was doing and he responded with an honest answer “I don’t know…it’s going to be tough sledding her for a while.” She then wished him good luck and hung up. Maybe it’s just me, but I want Cary back at Lockhart Gardner. I want these two working together more often.

And just when we thought we had seen the last of Blake, he comes to meet Kalinda and EVERYTHING CHANGES.

For the past two seasons we have seen a great friendship develop between Alicia and Kalinda. It’s been a staple of the show, something that we could rely on after all that triangle drama. These two have such natural chemistry and every time they are on-screen together the scene gets about 20 times better. So now, our worst fears have been confirmed, back in the past, Kalinda slept with Peter so he would cover up her boring past.  I had a feeling from that episode in season one, the one where Kalinda is put on stand to testify at Peter’s trial, that they had sex in the past, but some part of me was hoping it wasn’t true. This revelation is going to change our favorite relationship and it will no doubt change the series. When Alicia finds out my guess is that it will be the final nail in the coffin for her relationship with Peter. She’s already looking for a way out, she doesn’t want to move into a big house; she wants to keep the life she has now and my guess is this development will lead her straight into the arms of Will, much to my dismay.

Speaking of Will… Did anyone else catch that quiet dialogue between Will and Blake? Blake spilled the beans on him, revealing that he covered up a theft for Will, probably from way back when they knew each other in DC. Just what did Will steal or embezzle? Man this episode reveled lots this week. I wonder how that little revelation will play out in the rest of the season or next season. I feel like Alicia is going to be let down a lot in these last chunk of episodes. Poor girl, she just can’t catch a break.

I have no idea what the consequences will be for Kalinda but I am sure they will be ghastly. It will surely make for some great drama. I just hope that the writers don’t change her too much. Kalinda is a person who on the outside, doesn’t seem to care about anyone but us viewers know wrong. She cares deeply about Alicia and she’s been doing everything she can to make sure her relationship with Alicia remains something of a constant in her life. Now that Blake and us viewers know her secret, I wonder what lengths Kalinda will go to keep her secret away from Alicia. Will it involve Peter? Will she kill Blake? Will she decide she should be honest and tell Alicia, hoping that Alicia will respect her honesty? There are so many possibilities and routes to choose. I can’t wait to see where this leads next and wherever it leads to, you know it will be pretty epic!

Favorite quote of the night: Grace: The Florrick children just really love black people.

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