Glee Review: Original Songs

Last night’s episode of Glee had me in a mixed mood. One on hand, I absolutely loved the episode. There were times when it seriously reminded me out some of the older season one episodes. There was a lot of emotion in the episode and I really felt for these characters this week; some even had me rooting for them once again. On the other hand, there were times when I just felt seriously frustrated and confused by what was going on. A lot of it had to do with the original songs and a lot of it had to deal with the whole Rachel-Finn-Quinn drama. Either way, it still left me frustrated and happy at the same time, as do most Glee episodes do these days. So let’s get to it and dissect the episode.

Those “Original Songs”

I understand the reasoning for Glee to dabble at original songs because, as we all very well know, this show is all about making money and it was a logical step in that regard. That’s probably why Original Songs frustrated me to know end because it was a cheap ploy. I just didn’t see how the original songs they used at Regionals were any better than the Warbler’s “Raise your Glass” or “Candles”. If anything they should have used the original song concept for something like Sectionals, not a BIG competition that is supposed to showcase your group’s great Show-Choir abilities and the songs Glee wrote weren’t show choir tunes, they were pop-songs and the group sang them like Pop-Songs. However, I did enjoy the songs such as “Trouty Mouth” and “Big A**” and “Hell to the No.” I love that these Glee kids use their emotions to write such brilliant songs. You see this is what I expected out of Original Songs, not the songs that they actually went with.  Now don’t get me wrong, Lea Michele sold the hell out of “Get it Right” but I really don’t understand how anyone in the audience (aside from Kurt) could understand why “Loser Like Me” was such an important song to New Directions and they certainly wouldn’t have understood the slushy gimmick.Then again I don’t think Ryan Murphy even really understands what this show is about now a days either; just that it makes FOX a whole lot of money. Anyways, it was a nice effort and I am glad that New Directions won Regionals, I just don’t like the way they won.  Oh well.


This is probably the most frustrating storyline of them all. First, I want to talk about Quinn. For the first time in this entire series, Quinn gets a voice-over and it’s the first time we’ve ever heard her talk that much before. It’s quite shocking and I had to replay that scene over again because I just couldn’t believe what we were witnessing (I did this quite a lot this episode.) Sometimes I really like Quinn and other times I think she’s really shallow. Tonight I am just frustrated with her mainly because, for a woman who’s been through so much, I am shocked that she thinks so little of herself (or that Ryan Murphy thinks so little of her character.) She sees herself in 20 years as a top real-estate agents here in Lima married to Finn who would help take over Burt’s tire shop. So not only does she think very little of herself, she also thinks very little of Finn. She seems perfectly content with having that life and she doesn’t want Rachel Berry interfering with those plans whatsoever. The strange thing is, I never saw Quinn in that light ever. This is a girl who is struggling to figure out who she is and I don’t believe she should be settling for something that in my opinion is beneath her.  You can tell that Finn doesn’t see that life for her, which is why I think he is struggling in their relationship, because she has this plan that he doesn’t quite understand. Finn sees the good in people, which is why he is attracted to both Quinn and Rachel and is always deeply hurt when they disappoint him. He knows their potential and when Quinn and Rachel don’t see their potential, you can see why it frustrates him.

Tonight, Finn saw Rachel in all her shinning glory again and you could truly see that this is a man who is still deeply in love with her. Finn is a good guy, which is why I have been so angry with him since the Valentine’s Day episode. The audience knows that Finn is a good guy and when he starts acting like a douche it can get seriously agitating. However, tonight he turned it around and started being the good guy again. I am not going to get angry at him, yet, for not breaking up with Quinn because he realizes he still has feelings for Rachel because you can tell that he is still very much confused but I do hope that he eventually realizes that he is Rachel’s muse and that sort of thing shouldn’t be taken lightly. I am glad that Rachel is starting to realize more and more that she is special and people do appreciate her efforts. Quinn is right about one thing, this girl is going to be a huge star and I hope nothing stands in her way.

Kurt/Blaine and the Warblers

I am really happy that they ended the whole will they/won’t they drama and finally KISSED! Twice for that matter! Though I wasn’t completely sold on the whole Blaine finally realizing it as Kurt sang the great Beatle’s song Blackbird to a dead bird but hey this is Glee and I really didn’t expect much better. I do wonder what will happen with the two now that the Warblers are not going to Nationals. Does this mean no more Warblers songs or are they still going to be around and in what context? I am guessing answers will come but I wouldn’t in the least bit be surprised if in some insane twist, both Blaine and Kurt transfer to (or back in Kurt’s case) McKinley High to help New Directions have a super-team for Nationals. We all know that New Directions is nowhere near ready for Nationals and I imagine Vocal Adrenaline will come back into the picture. The Glee club is going to need a STRONG strategy if they are going even think about placing at Nationals and my guess that strategy will involve Blaine and Kurt. Can you imagine Blaine, Rachel, Kurt, Santana, Puck, and Mercedes singing together? It would be a powerhouse of talent. I hope Ryan Murphy and Co. is thinking the same thing.

Also, what was the point of the judges this year? Was it just meant to be funny and ironic? Because it certainly wasn’t. I mean they had a chance to really use Kathy Griffin and they totally blew it. Her jokes weren’t even that funny and made no sense to they plot what so ever. I am constantly confused by the judges they get for these competitions and why they think its a funny joke. My guess is that glee judges arn’t really that shallow and I imagine that some of them actually take the competitions seriously. So why does Glee have to make it look so dang unrealistic?

So yes, this episode was both entertaining, emotional, and frustrating like usual. I do think Glee is somewhat improving though. Aside from the super bowl episode, Glee hasn’t been completely miserable in this second part of their season and if I’m correct, there should be about 7 more episodes left this season, so there is still time for Glee to wow me again.  The next competition is Nationals, in New York and that is bound to be fascinating. Whatever happens at Nationals is another story but I think I’ll be more interested in how going to New York City is going to change or inspire these glee club members. We all know that Rachel is never going to want to leave and I wonder what it will do for Finn and Quinn. There is so much potential for that kind of story and I hope ALL THREE writers of this show realize that and work of that potential. Just imagine what could happen if all of these writers were to actually work together for a change? This show can be great, it’s there and we saw some of it last night, I just want to see it more. I hope one day we can.

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