Glee Review: Sexy

Glee is a tricky little show that suffers from ADD and a severe case of relationship musical chairs fever. After the super-bowl episode, I quickly learned that I would no longer take the relationships on this show seriously. Since then, I have had no real problem with Glee because I personally believe that Ryan Murphy and Co. don’t take the relationships seriously either. The writers seem to just want to tell a different preachy story each week about hot topics for high school teens, even if it doesn’t really correspond well with its characters. This week’s episode it no different, and while there were parts I really enjoyed-there were also parts that I just had to shake my head at and wonder why I ever invested my time into this show in the first place.

One of the things I did love was the return of Gwyneth Paltrow. Yes, I may be an anomaly but I love her and I have since I first saw her in the movie Emma. Anyways, I loved the return of Holly Holiday and thought she was a great asset to the show, much like Kristen Chenoweth was to the show last season (by the way, are we ever going to see April Rhodes ever again?) Gwyneth did exactly what was asked of her, to be a goofy and beautiful substitute teacher who was brought in to help our Glee kids understand what sex meant, because let’s face it these kids are dumb…very dumb and I am glad that Holly finally made Will realize that.  However, I really don’t think it’s very realistic that a school would have hired some like Holly to teach the sex ed glass…ever, but then again when is Glee ever really realistic?

Anyways, with Holly back it was time for relationships to be exposed and dealt with. So let’s start with the most interesting relationship: Brittany and Santana. Now, I love these two to death and I think they are great as best friends who sometimes hook-up but this episode had me really scratching my head. While I loved that Santana admitted to Brittany that she was in love with her and that she wanted them to have a relationship I had to stop and wonder if this was really seriously happening. I just came as a complete shock that the writers would take their time writing this great storyline for Kurt and dealing with his sexuality and then in one episode have Santana decide that she was a lesbian. It just didn’t add up or sit well with me. We haven’t seen one real instance this season where Brittany and Santana acted out on their sexual urges with each other and then all of a sudden Santana is gay? This type of thing just doesn’t make much sense but Santana and Brittany acted it the scenes they had together so damn well and I just felt a little cheated, especially since Santana made me tear up when she was singing Landside. However, if Glee decides to follow through with this storyline and make it actually stick, I may find myself forgiving them. We’ll see.

Let’s talk about Emma and Carl. Ok I get it, you want to keep Will and Emma apart for as long as possible because that’s what Fox shows like to do but when it starts to become blatantly obvious that the relationship you put Emma in was going to end in failure, it starts to annoy me.  The fact that they are married and haven’t had sex in four months due to a combination of factors mostly on Emma’s part is quite pathetic in my opinion.  For one, we haven’t seen Carl since like October and Emma is constantly gone these days as well and I never know what to take seriously with them. The only real thing that seemed to come out of their scenes last was Emma admitting that she still had feelings for Will and even then it seemed a little too silly for me.

Then there’s Finn and Quinn. All I can say is BLEH. I really don’t like these two together and everything about them just seemed(s) forced. Quinn is still the same shallow cheerleader we met last year and Finn is still as dumb as ever. I quite frankly believe that Rachel won out on this one. It pains me to see her jealous of Quinn when Rachel is one of the smartest people in that group and she’s wasting her time on a boy who doesn’t care about her. If it wasn’t for the fact that I like Puck and Lauren I would totally be pushing for Rachel and Puck to get together because I think Puck does care about her and a lot more so than Finn does. Personally, I just think Finn is a trashy character who I wouldn’t mind seeing less of. Unfortunately I do not see this happening. Sigh

The only romantic storyline I really loved this episode was that of Blaine and Kurt. Even though there were some (a lot) of inconsistencies this week in regards to Blaine’s character, I felt that what he did for Kurt was quite amazing. I was so happy to see him have a scene with Burt and confront him about Kurt’s ignorance to gay sex. Did Blaine cross a line or two? Yes, but it still paved way for Burt and Kurt to have yet another beautiful scene together in which Burt proved, yet again, that he is TV’s most amazing Dad ever. I just hope I never have to see Kurt make sexy faces ever again, talk about awkward!

So yes, this new installment of Glee was, as usual, a mess but I still love it anyway. I feel like had there been a little more build-up in regards to Brittany and Santana, the absence of Finn and Quinn, and Rachel not being forced into the episode, it could have actually been something. Like had they focused more on Puck and Lauren and maybe Tina and Mike Chang, I could have appreciated the episode a bit more. For the most part, it was another fun ongoing PSA episode for Glee and I will most defiantly be back next week for the regionals episode (here’s hoping it can be as great as last year’s sectionals episode!)

Other thoughts:

The songs were great this episode: From Holly’s rendition of Do You Want to Touch (I have to agree with Will her performance may have been a little too much.) I also really enjoyed Landslide and Animal. Kiss, that was awkward at first and I am sure as hell I never want to hear Will sing that high ever again, but their performance together was HOT and I could totally sense their chemistry. However, Afternoon Delight, that was just plain and simply AWKWARD and uncomfortable. Man…I hope I have to never go through that again.

So I want to place bets on how long people think it will take before Rachel and Sam hook up. They are both technically single now and they have yet to share any scenes together, so I am guessing it might be happening sooner or later, especially since I don’t see Finn and Rachel getting back together anytime soon (and nor do I really want them too either.) I just have this feeling that it’s going to happen.

I was glad that there was only one scene with Sue this week. I kind of love that she misinterpreted Will’s message of sexy though. I hope that one backfires against her!

So boys and girls, next week is regionals. I have a good feeling that our Glee kids might actually Win this year, considering the season is still not over yet and they are placing the competition in the middle of March. I also can’t wait to see their performances of their original songs, which surprisingly, have grown on me.

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