Greek Series Finale Review: Leaving a Legacy

It’s always sad to see a show you’ve seen every single episode of (for the most part live) end and especially a show that you really related to as well. I was just going into my Junior year of college when Greek started and though my college never had a Greek system, I related to the show so much because a majority of the stuff the talked about, I was going through at the exact same time. Not many shows can do the whole college scene well or they just choose to ignore it as much as they can. However, Greek was all about the college experience and though it wasn’t on a major network or premium cable, it really embraced the one thing that most people take away from college, family and friendship which is what this show stuck with for its entire series.

I knew Greek, like college, couldn’t last forever, that it would have a short shelf life but this last 10 couple of episodes were a great blessing. Greek was never a great show (though it was certainly ABC Family’s best) but it worked so well because it lead you in for all the wrong reasons and then kept you there for all the right reasons. It introduced us to 8 main characters at the beginning of the series and throughout the next four years, those same 8 characters were with us at the end (even when one of those actors went on to have a fruitful movie career.)  I don’t think there was ever a time that Greek ever really pissed me off or made me regret ever watching the series because it was consistent and it stuck to its principals regardless of nagging network interference.

This past season we saw all of our characters pretty much grow up. Casey, Even, and Ashleigh had graduated and advanced into the big world while Cappie, Rusty, Calvin, and Dale were still at college trying to figure out what was going to happen next. Cappie finally realized that he couldn’t stay at college forever and that above all he loved Casey and wanted to be with her more than anything. Casey realized that leaving college was hard and that living in the real world wasn’t as easy as she thought it was going to be; same went for Ashleigh. Calvin finally realized that he needed to find himself. Evan continued to toil with that great question to be a jerk or not be a jerk. Rusty and Dale went on as they usually had because let’s face it, these two were the only ones who really knew who they wanted to be already.  The only character who really never questioned growing up but just kind of let it happen naturally was Rebecca.

The series finale did a good job at reminding us who these people were and gave us all some nice closure even if there were a lot of cheesy moments leading up to it. We saw that even though the KT House was torn down because CRU wanted a new sports complex, that KT would live on thanks to Rusty’s motivation. Ashleigh finally found a job that paid well and made her happy and as a bonus she and Rusty got together (which still has me saying huh?) Dale finally got a girlfriend, one he really liked and who liked him back. Evan realized friendship was important at precisely the last moment making Rebecca remember why she loved him so I am guessing that these two probably did get back together. And then there was Cappie and Casey, our original one true pairing of this little show.

Cappie (or as we found out Captain John Paul Jones-yeah, I like Cappie better) accidentally graduated with a major in Philosophy (I knew this would happen; that Cappie had taken so many different classes that he would have had enough to graduate. To some that might seem entirely impossible but for this show, it was totally foreseeable.) Casey realized or changed her mind yet again that Law School wasn’t for her if she had to compromise her morals. Casey was a pretty inconsistent character but one thing she always had was a lot of heart. Now while her whole law school experience was very unrealistic to begin with, it still sort of made sense that she would realize that maybe law school wasn’t entirely what she wanted. I assume that she and Cappie, after riding off into the sunset with each other, made it to Washington and both had very great careers and making a difference in the world. So I am happy that the series ended with these two together but not showing us what they became in the future; they left that for the fans to decide, which I really liked.

I really hope that these actors find good employment now that this show is over, because even though the show may have not been perfect, Greek had a fantastic cast who I believe we will see lots of in the future. So now it’s over and we say goodbye to Cyprus Rhodes and all of our quirky Greek characters.  It was a great pleasant show that I thoroughly enjoyed watching throughout the past 4 years. Greek certainly left a place in our hearts to be remembered, which is one of the best legacies of all. Farewell my good friend, you’ll never be forgotten.

3 thoughts on “Greek Series Finale Review: Leaving a Legacy

  1. I really hope this leads to a spin-off series! Ugh this finale was really good. I even teared up at the beginning, when they were showing the previous stuff that happened and “Spinning” by Jack’s Mannequin was playing ( you can watch @ )

    Maybe it’s wishful thinking that the open-ended finale is proof a spin-off and everyone is just playing it close to the vest…but I still can hope

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