The Good Wife Review: Great Firewall

Everything seemed to come to a head on last night’s The Good Wife. We finally saw a resolution in the control for firm and we also saw a semi-resolution for the campaign and we saw an opening for a couple we all knew was bound to happen sooner or later ( yes, I am talking about Cary and Kalinda.)

One thing I love about The Good Wife is that they write office and campaign politics like no other show I’ve seen and when they solely focus on this high quality, their episodes excel to brilliance. I am not saying that the show is bad without the office or campaign politics but it certainly isn’t the same without it. This episode, in my opinion, was not as great as VIP Treatment, but it was certainly up there as a close second and with the help of an interesting case of the week and a little romance brewing between two of our favorite supporting characters, I have to say, I am excited to see where The Good Wife heads next in their rest of their season.

The case of the week focused on a Chinese dissident, Shen Yuan, (played by Lost’s Ken Len Leung) tortured for sending someone a pro-democracy message on a social network site called “ChumHum.” Miles Shen is suing the site for giving the Chinese government his IP address.  The site gets Viola Walsh (marking the return of Rite Wilson whom we last saw in The Good Wife’s last Social Network episode) as their defense lawyer and she states that the site was just following the law. However, Alicia, as clever as she is, finds a term paper the Site’s CEO wrote at Stanford, which blames the Chinese Government for the arrests and torture of Tibetan activists back in 1984. Viola realizes that they have leverage, offers money, they go back in forth and eventually Alicia realizes something else is at hand. Will and Diane want ChubHub out of China because they are still representing Paul Edelstein (their version of Mark Zuckerberg) and he wants his site to be the sole social networking site in China. It doesn’t matter that he’ll probably do the same thing that ChubHub is doing in regards to handing over IP addresses, they are just doing what’s best for their client.

When Alicia realizes what’s going on, you can tell she is visibly upset. After all this time, she still sees in black and white, which is one of her biggest gifts and biggest weaknesses. Alicia is a great lawyer and she knows how to get past peoples’ defenses really easily but she still has that problem of not being about to blur the line of moral integrity, something that almost everyone else on this show has been able to master. The fact that she can’t blur that line is one of the main reasons she and Will may never be able to get together and why she can’t fully ever trust or let Peter in the way she used too. Until she finds a way to blur that line or Will decides that he needs to step and be a better man for her and for himself, I just don’t see these two ever really working out…ever and until this happens, I truly believe that the writers of this show need to keep them apart as long as possible. Also it will be interesting to see if Alicia takes up Viola on that offer to come join her at her firm; as Alicia’s discontent grows, I am actually starting to wonder if she’s going to find the urge to leave?

While this whole case thing was going on at the firm there were also two big other events happening. Let’s talk about the plot to regain control of the firm first. Now I am going to admit something here, something I am kind of embarrassed about, but it took me until this morning to realize that the actor who played Julius was also the same guy who had been recently playing Russell Thorpe of Gossip Girl. I had been constantly asking myself during both shows where I had recognized him from and well, now I know! I sure have to say, I find Michael Boatman way more convincing and appealing on The Good Wife, than I did on Gossip Girl but maybe that’s because he was able to master the role of deceit better on The Good Wife.

Will, Diane, David Lee, and Julius were all trying to get the number of votes they needed to out vote Bond in the meeting of equity partners. Diane had found two really old equity partners that were still alive but sure enough, one of them died. While this was all going on Julius was having us fooled into believing that he had turned on Will and Diane by forming an alliance with Bond. But it was all just a scheme ( I guess he did learn a few things from our Upper East Siders after all.) He had Bond fire his head of litigation, so that he would be down one vote in the charge to dismiss Diane as equity partner and when the vote came to Dismiss Bond from the firm, Julius voted with Will and David and they ended up having 23 votes over Bonds 19. It was a great strategic move and Bond was forced out of Lockhart Gardner FINALLY. However, I am going to say that we haven’t seen the last of him or Lemont Bishop or Blake. They are going to come back and they are going to hit this firm with all they got and I bet it’s going to get UGLY. I –Can’t- Wait.

The campaign for States Attorney also came to a head this week after the scandal broke that Wendy Scott-Carr had an illegal nanny for five years. Because of this we got to see the return of Eli’s BFFL, Becca. You see, even though Wendy had the nanny, she had the support of the woman because she didn’t cover it up, she let the scandal happen and she got through it, in essence saving her campaign. However, this still left the campaign as a three-man race and Eli couldn’t have that. So Becca and Zach came to him with some information they have on Child’s nanny he had a few years back. Childs openly admitted to having a Swedish au-pair, but one summer, he had a different nanny that he had never mentioned, a nanny from Jamaica. When Becca let it slip to Child’s son that she wanted to know more about the nanny, the boy knew something was up and alerted his father, who then went about to cover up his mistakes and get the nanny out of the country.  Eli got the whole thing documented forcing Glenn Childs into a corner and forcing him out of the race.

I really hope we see more scheming between Becca and Eli because those two have fantastic chemistry given their age difference. I’ll tell you this that girl Becca is going to make some politician(s) very happy one day as a campaign manager or fixer. If I was Eli, I’d keep a hold of her, because she is very useful and as that old saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.  Also, I loved that we got to see more of Zach this week. I find him way more interesting than Grace, who seems to have a different opinion every week. At least with Zach there is some consistency and he is far less annoying.

We barely saw Kalinda this week, but when we did, we saw her giving Alicia and Cary her new address. I am guessing she moved because of Blake (who wasn’t in this episode, which I found interesting.) Anyways, Cary stopped by to inform her that Childs was planning on indicting her for criminal tampering in investigations (I think). I just want to say, these two have electrifying chemistry and I absolutely enjoy these two on my television screen together so I was happy when he leaned in and kissed her, even if her sexuality is up for question. It will be interesting to see what happens with these two now that Childs is out of the running for States Attorney. Is the investigation going to be dropped? Is Cary going to head back to Lock hart Gardner and save Kalinda? All of this provides great new storylines for the rest of the season and I can’t wait to see how the Kings progress this story!

Overall it was a great episode and I can’t wait to see what happens next. It’s too bad that we have to wait 3 weeks till the newest episode but at least it’s not six like with all the damn CW shows. See ya in a few weeks!

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