Gossip Girl Review: Empire of the Son

They went there…they actually went there…they DARED TO DAIR…

And now we have to wait six weeks until we find out what happens next…WHY CW WHY????

However until I get to Dan and Blair, let’s start with the rest of the episode first because it was far less interesting than these two. I think I can sum it up in a couple of sentences…let’s see.  So Ben is avoiding Serena because his Mother is in town. His mother is unhappy with their relationship (DUH!) and during a lunch at Serena and Blair’s place, Ben’s mom steals the affidavit that Serena had in her room (proving yet again how stupid Serena really is.) Apparently Ben’s mom was contacted by Russell (thanks to Damian’s little tip last week) and they plotted to bring down Lily and Chuck. Because this is the UES, things didn’t go to Russell’s liking. Lily did the right thing and finally turned herself in, causing Russell’s blackmail to be null and void, and in the process he lost his daughter as well because if it’s one thing you should know, never try and scheme against our upper east siders, THEY WILL TAKE YOU DOWN.

After, Lily finally turned herself in, things started to get…interesting. First, Lily cleared Ben’s name and had his record expunged, so he now had a fresh start, one away from Serena. Then Russell revealed to Chuck that the reason he wanted to take down Bass Industries was because of the fact that Bart knew Russell’s wife was in that burning building (the one from season one?) and as a result, Russell’s wife and Raina’s mother died (something Raina doesn’t know about.) THEN out of NOWHERE, Serena’s dad came back and told Rufus, that Lily was in more trouble than he knew about and that CeCe was coming down and that Rufus needed to rally the troops because they were in for a fight…OK…no idea what the heck is going on, but this is Gossip Girl, so when do we ever really know what’s going on?

Oh, ya, Nate and Raina are now a thing, making him have a storyline…sort of, well more so than Vanessa, who was used for like a moment, to tell Serena what she saw with Ben and Damian. I am starting to feel bad for Vanessa, because it seems like they just put her in here and there, and its like they don’t realize that they have NO use for her anymore. I think it’s time she just permanently stay in Brooklyn because not even Dan has time for her.

Now on to my new favorite pairing ever, Dan and Blair.

Were they not hilarious tonight? Both were consumed by one paralyzing thought that maybe something more was going on between them than they realized. Dorota was the first to figure out that Blair and Lonely Boy had become secret friends (well actually she was thinking they were having an affair… but yeah same thing…) Dan, then realized, thanks to Rufus, that maybe his Dad was right, that if they were keeping their friendship a secret, it meant that they had something to hide, which they didn’t…right?


The whole episode was really all about these two. We had seen it coming since the first episode back at the end of January, that these two had something between then and we saw it build up over the past six episodes. Dan wanted to make sure that there wasn’t anything between them so he went to Blair, late that night, and told her that they needed to kiss, just once, to make sure they were just overanalyzing everything, and to prove there wasn’t anything between them besides friendship. Now, Season 1-3 Blair would have totally thrown him out at that point. She would have been like HELL NO, GO BACK TO BROOKYLN HUMPHREY! But No, she agreed, because deep down she needed to know too. She may have been pining after Chuck this whole time, but isn’t there a saying that you can’t stop loving someone until you start falling in love with someone else? Well boys and girls, I am beginning to think that we are seeing an end to the Chuck and Blair saga because Gossip Girl went there tonight, they had Dan and Blair kiss. And it was EPIC.

How perfect was it that Blair was the one who took charge and said, “For crying out loud, Humphrey!” grabbed him and kissed him and to have it FREEZE FRAME??? PERFECT! It’s like they knew people were going to be taking that moment and plaster it all over the internet. I LOVE THIS SHOW! However, the big question is, where do they go from here? Do they hide it? Do they see where it leads some more? By evidence of the promo, Chuck seems to find out that Blair kissed someone, and ends up at Dan’s door, so I am guessing he finds out so I wonder how that is going to go? Personally, Chuck needs to stay away from Blair for a while; he’s caused her more harm than good. Let him redeem himself, prove that he’s worthy of Blair Waldorf, and then they can reopen their saga again, but while we are waiting, let’s just have more of Dan and Blair, because they are awesome and I don’t think I can wait SIX WEEKS…I hate you CW. I am way too invested in these two now. They just have so much potential and I would hate to see it wasted. Lets hope these two will continue a great friendship or relationship next season because now that I have been exposed to these two as a pairing, I don’t think I can or want to let go.

Other Thoughts:

I am personally happy that Ben is leaving because I never found him all that interesting.

Why did they not see the interest in having Damian back in this episode? You would have thought that they would have kind of capped his storyline this week…I guess they are waiting till the end of the season?

So Blair told Dan about Chuck and trading her for the hotel thing? Damn, these two really do have a strong connection. I do agree that he should have joked about it but, still I how can she deny that she is friends with him yet tell him something that personal? Blair, you like him, you know you do!

Where was Eric in all this Lily mess?

Six weeks Peeps, SIX WEEKS…see ya then! XOXO

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