The Vampire Diaries Review: The House Guest

Alan Ball needs to start watching The Vampire Diaries and take notes, take LOTS of notes.

The Vampire Diaries has now had two “mid-season” finales and they have managed to rock them both without leaving too many loose ends around unlike another vampire fantasy show we all know. Kevin Williamson and Julie Pelc have managed to wrap up some loose ends while at the same time, preparing their views for the epic battle that awaits us at the end of this season; you know, the one between everyone in Mystic Falls and Klaus.

This week we saw the after effects of Elijah’s death and how warlocks Luka and daddy Jonas handled it. It didn’t end well for either of them thanks in part to their snooping around in the Salvatore’s house and trying to mess with Katherine. Seriously didn’t they know NOT to mess with Katherine? Shouldn’t that be like a universal law by now? Damon flame-torching Luka to a crisp was pretty epic though. Anyways, it was an interesting plot twist to have both of these powerful witches killed off before the epic battle with Klaus. I get that they didn’t trust Damon or Stefan or Katherine, but don’t they all essentially want the same thing which is Klaus dead? We didn’t even get to know these two characters very well and now they are dead. All I can say is, I don’t think that Greta, Luka’s sister and Jonas’s daughter, is going to be very happy with our little vampire trio. I smell trouble.

Also, what does this mean for Bonnie? She was seriously affected by Luka and Jonas’ deaths, even though they took her powers away. I know she’s all for protecting Elena but I have to wonder if she might turn her back on Damon and Stefan. She was the only one who really cared about these two deaths, even before Jonas gave her powers back. If and when Greta does come to Mystic Falls, I wouldn’t put it past Bonnie to join forces with Greta to take down the Salvatore’s.

There was a lot of action in this episode which lead to some pretty interesting developments. I think the biggest development were Matt and Caroline. Now, I have to say, as much as I like Matt and Caroline individually, I don’t like Matt and Caroline together. Mainly because I think he’s a jerk to her most of the time and I believe Caroline deserves better. That all changed tonight. Matt was honest with her, he told her that he loved her and that he wanted to be with her and he said that the ball was now in her court. Caroline then sang him a love song at the Grill (who knew the chick could sing? She was pretty damn excellent if you ask me) and he kissed her and they were all happy.

That is until Matt got STABBED IN THE JUGULAR BY JONAS. Yeah, I had to say in that moment, I realized I didn’t want Matt to die because I really would have missed him. Who would have thought? Thankfully Caroline gave him some of her blood and everything changed. She told him some of the truth that she was a Vampire and that’s why he was alive, because her blood heals. Matt totally freaked out as expected and started blaming her for Vicki’s death. Now, on one level I understand this because Matts only knowledge of Vampire’s stems from Vicki’s first attack, but to go blame Caroline, who I don’t think even knew that Vicki was a vampire, well that was just plain wrong. If I was Caroline, I would march right over to Damon and Stefan and demand more answers. Anyways, Matt is no longer clueless to what’s happening in his hometown. This is going to get realllllly interesting. Also, I wonder if Caroline will tell Matt about Tyler being a werewolf? If she does, will this send our doe-eyed no-more friend, Matt, over the edge? He already seemed worried about Tyler being gone; will he go off to search for him? Will Caroline help? As I said, this whole storyline now opens a world of possibilities.

With Matt now in the know about Vampires, I guess that means that Jenna gets to be the one who’s left clueless in Mystic Falls. Well, for now at least, I don’t know how much longer that will last now that Isobel is back in town. I have to say, that wasn’t too much of a shock to me. I pretty much knew that she would show up, especially since John is still hovering around. It will be very interesting to see how they all explain this to Jenna because you just know that she is going to start demanding answers.  I wonder what Katherine, John, and Isobel’s endgame is and I wonder if it even really involves killing Klaus. I wouldn’t put it past these three to even be in cahoots with the guy. Whatever the endgame might be, I sure as hell hate that we have to wait till April 7th to find out.

Other Thoughts:

~I have to say, Katherine is getting REALLY good at impersonating Elena. I believe that can be useful, like it was when she killed Jonas, but at the same time, its going to cause a lot of problems.

~I am glad that Damon is starting to stand up for himself in regards to Katherine. I am glad that he’s moved on from her. My guess is Katherine has never heard the word NO before, so that was pretty awesome to see him kick her out of his bedroom.

~I feel bad for Alaric, he was doing the best he could in regards to Jenna. I agree it wasn’t his place to tell Jenna about Isobel because that right WAS reserved to Elena. I hope they can all work this out because I like these two together.

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