Nikita Review: Echoes

One thing that I have come to really love about Nikita is that it is not trying to solely focus on Nikita. These past 6 episodes of Nikita has primarily focused on Alex and last week we learned a huge secret about her past; that she is the “ supposed dead” heir to a super powerful (evil?) Russian Oligarch, Zetrov.  We still have no idea what Zetrov does or is but we did learn that Division was hired to kill Alex’s family and that it was Nikita who killed them.  This week we got to see the inside of Alex’s subconscious, thanks to Amanda’s super potentate hallucinogen drug, and man did it make for a very excellent episode.

Alex’s dream state into her subconscious led us to a very interesting development. Throughout the first 40ish minutes of the episode, you see her and her younger-self running away from a woman that is not Amanda or Nikita. Now growing up on Alias, I was beginning to think that there was going to be a twist involved somehow and they were going to make that woman Alex was running away from, her mother and if they had gone that route, I might have thrown my remote at the TV. However, the show didn’t go that route; instead, the woman Alex was running away from was herself. It made for a great scene where Lynsey Fonesca got to be all Nina Dobrev, and act against herself. It was interesting to see that Alex has the power to become the powerful leader over Zetrov.

Alex is now torn between the two lives she could have. At the moment, she wants to run away and live a normal life, away from her destiny. Nikita is going to be more than willing to help, as we saw this week, as she tried her hardest to get money (that was fake) and a new passport that would allow Alex to escape.  However, I think we all know that as much as Alex want to run away, Zetrov is her destiny and I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if she goes to back to Russia to claim the throne; especially once she finds out that it was Nikita who killed her parents. Amanda told us that Alex is another Nikita, resentful against Division, has a desire for a normal life, and yet has that killer instinct. This week’s episode only proved to me more and more that this show is preparing for an epic battle between Alex and Nikita.

And now we come to the biggest development of the night, that last scene. Last night we saw Michael finally piecing together the clues that Nikita and Alex were linked together. It all started when Alex revealed the name Whitfield (who? I hope that gets explained in a flashback soon). Michael started putting the puzzle together, starting with Whitfield than looking back at Alex’s phone conversations and where they were coming from, thanks to Bierkoff, which was Whitfield’s house. So when Nikita came back to her home, there sitting at her desk with a huge-ass assault rifle, was none other than Michael, asking her to ask him how he got there. It was EPIC. I can’t wait to see where this goes now. Michael now knows that Alex is connected Nikita, that she is the mole, and he knows pretty much everything about how Nikita is hiding, so the ball is in his court. Does he tell Percy? Does Nikita tell him who Alex really is? Do they work together or against each other? What’s happens when Owen comes back and what about Ryan? Also, can we please see more make-out scenes with Michael and Nikita that are NOT in a dream state? Kay, thanks!

I’ve come to realize that the writers of this show have set up this season as a three-act play. The first act, last fall, focused on Nikita and setting up the series and who all the key characters and places were. Last night we saw the conclusion of the second act, which focused on Alex and further advanced this series and season as a whole. My theory is that the third act will focus on the conflict that is going to occur between Alex and Nikita and how Michael will now factor into their plans. I wouldn’t even be surprised if the third act focuses on Michael like the past two focused on Nikita and Alex.  Shane West has really grown on me since the first couple of episodes and I am starting to love him more and more.I like that the writers set up their storytelling this way and I feel that it has set up a lot for this show. I am amazed how much I have grown to love Nikita and I really hope that The CW continues the show because I truly believe that it has so much potential. GEHHH I don’t want to wait till April!! Also, if Nikita has left us with two epic cliffhangers already, I seriously can’t WAIT to see the epic cliffhanger they leave us with at the end of the season. It’s going to be epic. CW WHY DO YOU TORMENT ME SO???


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