The Good Wife Review: Silver Bullet

The Good Wife took advantage of sweeps month is week by having an episode filled with guest stars, two new and one who we haven’t seen since last season, Gary Cole who plays the ballistics expert and Diane’s lovah Kurt McVeigh. My favorite guest though wasn’t the return of Gary Cole and it wasn’t the sleepy Jerry Stiller; it was of my favorite TV actresses who I have missed for almost a year now, Ugly Betty America Ferrera. I have really missed America on my television screen since the sad cancellation of Ugly Betty, so I was absolutely thrilled to see her on my new favorite show as none of than the girl who has Eli all smitten. I have to say American Ferrera is Ugly Betty no more.

This episode of The Good Wife was a strong one and a lot better than last week’s iffy social network episode. For the Good Wife, this was a filler episode in which they began to prepare for the big episode that would come next week that would close of February sweeps. The Good Wife excels at filler episodes so this one was a good time to relax and not feel like we are going to be on the edge of our seats. Not to mention, there was no Blake and a lot more Cary and Kalinda interaction, which I always love.

As I stated earlier, Kurt McVeigh was back this week as the ballistics expert who had won over Diane’s cold liberal heart. However, though he still wanted to catch up with Diane, he was at Lockhart Gardner because he was being sued because he may have given a false or mistaken testimony. As we all know, McVeigh doesn’t like to believe that he can be wrong because he is known for only choosing cases in which he can accurately prove. However in this case, information was missing which inadvertently lead him to make a mistaken testimony.  The prosecution tried to make it look like he was a racist because he belonged to the Tea Party, which allowed for The Good Wife to put in their two cents about what they feel the Tea Party is; which is NOT racist but may have racists in their political party. It also allowed for liberal Diane to open her mind up and accept what the ideology of the tea party is, even if she doesn’t entirely agree with it.  I really love this about Diane’s character; that she is one die hard liberal but that she opens her mind to others opinions to try and grasp what they feel they way they do. Christine Barinski plays her so well and really is one of the best parts about this show. I also love her interactions with Kurt McVeigh, so I am hoping we see him again before the end of the season

The next political issue focused on the political campaign. Eli’s new pollster found Wendy Scott-Carr’s silver bullet: the fact that she had hired an illegal alien as a nanny, Natalie, who was played by none other than the beautiful America Ferrera. Natalie was a beautiful, young, and intelligent grad student studying economics when Eli found her. He went to meet her to get an idea on what her immigration status was (she had been living in America since she was 2 but was currently having a lawyer work on her citizenship status) and see what exactly he could use as the “silver bullet.” The big problem was that Eli became smitten with her and began questioning whether or not he should exploit her or not (he even threatens her lawyer into pushing up the timetable on her citizenship.)

Sadly, Natalie figures out who Eli really is and she tells him off and sure enough, he uses the information he has against Wendy Scott-Carr, whose campaign now looks defeated. However, Eli feels really bad about it, something we haven’t seen from him yet and I can’t decide if I like it or not. On one hand I like that Eli has fallen for a charming young lady regardless of the fact that she’s close to his daughter’s age (BTW, Eli has A DAUGHTER?) On the other hand, I love the hard ass slimy Eli who doesn’t give a rats ass about using silver bullets and gets things done. Ughhh such hard choices!! This would be much easier is I didn’t love Alan Cumming as Eli Gold as much as do. Who doesn’t love Alan Cumming though?

Anyways moving on….

I have no idea what to say about Alicia and Grace this week. Their storyline about religion was really odd because it did bring up some interesting issues. Alicia had to deal with Grace, who had become brainwashed by a video on the internet about a guy who was preaching about Jesus being the first rebel and that “Jesus…wants anarchy.” Alicia has always been creeped out by the idea of Religion and she’s never known why but in this week’s episode Grace calls her out on it by asking her mother  “why do you hate Jesus?” I have to admit, I chuckled at this because Grace seems to be a girl who follows the trend and so when Alicia told her she couldn’t keep up with which trend Grace was on this week, I kind of had to agree.

I have to say, I loved how Margulies handled this material because it’s not an easy subject to handle; trying to take her daughter seriously without trying to shut her out completely (apparently lots of wine helped, at which I have to say GO ALICIA!) Because Alicia is the good mother, she tells Grace that she will take her daughter to Church but that Grace has to choose the church since Alicia’s never been and Peter has Pastor Isaiah. Grace is floored because that stupid kid on the internet never said anything about Church and then she hands her daughter a Bible, telling her she needs to read up before listening to other people sell her crap. See this is why I love Alicia, she always knows how to turn a difficult situation into something interesting.

Next week is when all the shit hits the fan (sorry for my language, but it’s true) in regards to the firm and my guess, the campaign as well. It will be really interesting to see where this goes, because in The Good Wife, nothing ever goes the way its planned. I do hope Bond leaves though, because I really don’t like that guy. All we do know is that next week’s episode will be pretty intense, so be prepared.


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