The Chicago Code Review: “Gillis, Chase and Baby Face”

We are three episodes in to The Chicago Code and I have to say, it’s really turning into something awesome. I may not have said this before but I never watched The Shield (I’m working on it don’t worry,) so I never really knew how crafty and creative Shawn Ryan could be because he has defiantly created a new villain we are going to love to hate. Delroy Lindo really proved what an actor he is in this episode and man, it was kind of terrifying. I have to say though, all of their four main leads have been exceptional and I am happy to say, that I can finally look at Matt Lauria and not see Luke Caffery and it only took two weeks! I have to say, that is impressive.

The case of the week involved a bank robbery in which the main bank robber got away, leaving one of his accomplices dead and the other (only revealed later) shot and wounded. Through this case of the week we got to see the resentment the police force was feeling towards Superintendent Colvin’s favoritism towards Wysocki and Evers. During a shoot-out scene with the suspect, Moose made it so that his team wouldn’t rush to help Wysocki, leaving them without backup and allowing their suspect to get away. Afterwards, Evers became worried that their partnership could be too dangerous if they didn’t have anyone to help protect their back; Wysocki didn’t care, he knew the bigger picture. Still it was quite a scene to see Jason Clark yell and scream at Moose after he came to apologize to Wysocki for not backing him up. You could see that Wysocki does not like to take life, whether their good or bad. I am starting to like his character more and more, along with Evers.

Teresa was played HARD this episode by Alderman Gibbons. I have to say Gibbons is becoming more and more interesting every episode and this week only proved how Machiavellian he really is, even if Teresa figured his moves out in the end (nice twist I must say.) I must say, I did not see Gibbons outing Teresa’s Chief of Staff and taking it public. That really was a smart move, making it look like you’re the one fighting corruption when the very person trying to catch you has corruption in their own office. Brilliant. But alas Teresa knew that Gibbons would try and pull a fast one on her by having the “mayor” sends over her Chief of Staff replacement, a lieutenant who we saw was a pawn of Gibbons. Teresa told Lieutenant Kelley and Wysocki that the witch hunt on Corruption was over…though we all know it’s not.

One character I am still hesitant on is Liam. I still don’t understand his use as a series regular. I get that he is an undercover cop and that’s what his purpose is, but I don’t know, something still feels off about his character. I didn’t really find his voice over all that appealing and he hasn’t done anything interesting to really catch my attention so I am still iffy about him. I get that he’s sort of the connection to Gibbons but I have this sneaky suspicion that Gibbons already knows what’s going on.  If this is the case, maybe Liam will start to grow on me, if not, well I really won’t care either way what happens to his character.

Overall, I am really impressed with this series. It’s different and I really like that a lot. It’s not your typical FOX drama that is all about the case of the week and the romance, or about singing and dancing in a high school Glee club. It’s edgy and has a suburb cast along with some really great writing. I hope that Fox decides to give this show a chance because I think it could really be something. It’s certainly made my Monday nights more entertaining. I just hope the audience continues to watch this show as well, I guess only time will tell.


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