HIMYM Review: Garbage Island

In 2021 we now know that Ted will get stuck in Hong Kong of all places and he will run into Wendy the Waitress and it will be revealed that SPOILER ALERT Zoey is indeed SPOILER ALERT not the mother. Not like we didn’t know that already. However, it did lead us to another clue, that Ted’s relationship with Zoey is going to end disastrously and I sure as hell hope that it will involve more interactions between Ted and The Captain, oh and please Thomas and Bays, can we see the return of Ted’s Mustache? Once or twice would be nice.

How I Met Your Mother had yet another pretty good episode this week. It may have not been as stellar as the last couple of episodes, but it certainly was not as bad as a couple earlier episodes this season. We actually got a lot of development in this episode amidst all the silliness that occurred as well.

I love how they played the whole there are always two sides to every story in regards to Ted and Zoey’s relationship. Ted and Zoey had been going around telling people that Zoey left her husband because he was mean to her and she had enough and left. However, a different story was told when Ted went to pick up things from Zoey’s old apartment and he ran into The Captain. It’s a hilarious encounter in which The Captain tells the tale of how he and Zoey fell apart because she fell in love with another man…a man with a Mustache, he presumed and Ted agreed. However, their scenes we quite hilarious, especially when The Captain told Ted that calling the doorman a rapscallion was taking it too far. Like the mace-ball and chain were not?

Anyways, it led to Ted finding out that he had pretty much stolen Zoey away from her husband, which is never a good thing. Even before Future Ted told Wendy the Waitress that his relationship with Zoey had ended badly, you could already see it coming from a mile away. Now, I have to say my theory about the mother being The Captain’s daughter is pretty much flat lining. I really don’t see how she could be the Mother given the state between The Captain and Ted and the disaster that will happen between Ted and Zoey. I am not saying it won’t happen, but I think it’s time I start thinking about a new theory because I don’t see this one panning out too well.

Now let’s talk about Marshall and Lily. I have to say I am really loving these two this season and Marshalls sadness about his dad never getting to see what he’d become was kind of perfect. I had wondered for a while now if they were ever going to go back to Marshall’s passion for saving the environment storyline and I am glad that they are using this great opening to open that story back up again. And poor Lily, she had to suffer 5 weeks and 3 days without sex and she was getting so desperate that she dove into the dumpster full of garbage just to figure out what was going on with him. She is seriously one of the best things about this series as her actions always come so naturally and at the same time are so hilarious. I love these two.

And then there was Barney and Robin. Part of me loves that Robin is out there trying to help Barney out because she wants to see him change but at the same time as Barney and Robin fan, I am extremely scared that Barney’s new relationship could lead us down a sad road for these two.  Don’t get me wrong, I really did/do like Nora. I think she will be a great person for Barney and will help him overcome a lot of his flaws but I think deep down that Robin is still in love with him and I fear that it won’t be so easy for her if Barney and Nora become really serious; so serious that the wedding we got glimpsed back to this week, could be theirs…and that frightens me. I just don’t understand why they can’t progress Barney and Robin’s relationship? These two have fantastic chemistry together, they are overall a big hit with the fans, and they did/do love each other; so why can’t they just put these two back together? Bringing in a new girlfriend for Barney seems a like a waste of resources, especially when they should be focusing on casting the Mother. I know there are people out there who disagree, but in my opinion they should be working at putting Barney and Robin back together at this point.

I am still not sure where everything is headed this season. I still think that it’s going to end at that wedding; I just don’t know whose wedding it is. I don’t believe that it’s Punchy’s because I see no reason for Marshall and Lily to be there, then again, I guess they could be but I doesn’t make as much sense as it being Barney’s wedding to somebody. But I wonder how the Mother ends up there which I guess will be told to us soon because there are only seven episodes left of the season. Yup, Seven episodes. Where has all the time gone?

Other Thoughts:

So in 2021 we are going to have a smartphone that can project a hologram of the person you are calling? Alright Thomas and Bays, I am holding you guys to that prediction.

Poor Robin…18 weeks, come on girl, there’s always Sandy Rivers.

Barney about Nora: “She had a nice face, her booty was in place, but Barney don’t chase.”

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