Dan and Blair: The Upper East Side Story

I am not reviewing Gossip Girl this week because I am saving my energy for next week’s big winter finale episode (GG goes off the air for about 7 weeks, torture I know!) Still last night’s episode was pretty fantastic. I do have some thoughts though, mainly on Dan and Blair but first, here are my quick thoughts on the rest of the episode.

Quick Thoughts:

~I hope Damian and Russell realize that when you start to scheme against our favorite UES’s there will be hell to pay. Damian should know this by now, silly boy, tricks are for kids not spoiled drug dealers.

~Still not feeling Serena and Ben…they are kind of BORING. By the way, I didn’t realize this earlier but David Call was on Fringe last season, I had wondered where I recognized him from. He was better used on that show…poor guy.

~Rufus being schemey was pretty great as well…I guess he and Dan have become full-fledged UES…LOVE IT.

~ It’s also interesting to see that the entire Van Der Woodsen/Humphrey/Bass Family is united for the first time like alllll season. It will be interesting to see how long this lasts considering someone comes back next week, as well as the fact that Damian and Russell plan on taking them down.

~Um, I sort of get the logic in bringing Vanessa back but she’s still as useless as ever. Sorry V but you will always remain an outsider and quite frankly, I don’t care.

~Speaking of useless, for once Nate had a decent storyline. I like that he and Raina hit it off, too bad for Chuck though. It will be interesting to see where they take these two…I smell potential doom though.

Dan and Blair

I did want to talk a little about how much I love the growing relationship/friendship/romance (?) between Dan and Blair. I have to say I am a Dair convert…sorry Chuck, you were cool for a while, but now I just find you silly and annoying (I do hope the writers can fix him though, because I did once love Chuck and believe that he is still redeemable.) I mean that scene at the end where they cuddle up on Dan’s couch and watch The Philadelphia Story. EPIC!  EPIC!  EPIC! The parallel was already obvious but for the writers to pay homage to it, FANTASTIC!

I stated on my Twitter account last night that Dan and Blair may be the most organic pairing this show has ever had. We’ve known since way back in the first season that these two had chemistry and that they brought a ton of witty banter to the show and we saw that banter every blue moon from season one to halfway through this season. Now, we have seen these two slowly grow fond of each other in the cutest of ways and I don’t want it to ever end. These two have breathed a whole new life into this show. I used to think that Chuck and Blair were the only ones who could rock the scheming but Dan and Blair can as well. I really hope that after this next episode, their friendship doesn’t go away or that the writers throw them out. I hope that they continue the potential for these two into the fifth season because I think they have something great here. Let’s hope there are so extra great moments next week. Apparently there could be a kiss…that will be interesting for sure; I just hope it doesn’t put a dent in these two.

Spoiler Alert(don’t read what I am about to write if you haven’t already by spoiled about the return of a character for the last 5 episodes of GG)

So according to various reports (Source) Prince Louis, the Prince Blair met in Paris is coming to the UES. This is surely going to plant a big ole dent in Dair and in Chair. It will be interesting to see where this leads because everyone who is a fan of Blair has always rooted for her to have that fairy tale ending and now it seems Prince Charming has come to whisk her away. Louis is a cutie and I certainly did see the sparks between the two back in the first two episodes that he was in. However I wonder where is the plot development will lead…wouldn’t it be interesting if it was yet another prop to set up Dan and Blair and NOT Chuck and Blair?

You see I don’t understand why they would spend about 6-7 episodes of the growing relationship between Dan and Blair only to push it to the side for a triangle between Prince Charming and Chuck? That just seems a little pointless to me and while the Gossip Girl writers have been notorious for trashing storylines, I have never known them to throw away a good storyline, especially one that has been receiving  a lot of love from the press and the audiences.  I have a feeling we might have an interesting season finale on our hands if the choice comes down to the Prince and Dan, and Blair choosing Dan. That would sure be on OMFG moment if that’s what they are planning. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Until next time…XoXo

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