Nikita Review: (Anastasia) Alexandra

Man, what a difference a week makes because was certainly the best Nikita episode since the show returned this winter. This is the type of episode that I really want to see more of from this show. I do not want any of that silly romance stuff overshadowing the real issue at hand, that the series isn’t about the romance, it’s about the heart and soul of our three main characters and their messed up pasts.  Last night we learned that much more about Alex’s dark past and why Nikita chose her to be her accomplice. Last night’s episode also really took a step forward to create a big story that I feel will last us long after this season is over.

Last night we saw a lot of things happen. They used The Social Networks techno music from that club scene with Justin Timberlake and Jesse Eisenberg, had a mini case involving a computer billionaire whiz kid who looks more like Mark Zuckerberg that Jesse Eisenberg did and oh yeah, we pretty much learned that our own little Alex is a modern day Anastasia. We also learn that Nikita was the one responsible for the death of Alex’s parents and that even though Michael is still angry at Nikita, he knows deep down that all of her actions are done out of love and he is slowly starting to realize this.

It was nice to see Nikita and Michael work together again in this episode. Call me a romantic, but I love these two. I like that Michael realizes that not all of what Percy says and does is for the good of the country. You can tell that, like Nikita, he does have a conscious and his main concern is the safety and protection of his recruits. When he finds out that Alex is missing, his main concern is getting her back alive because he knows that if Percy found out she was missing, he wouldn’t hesitate to activate her kill chip. I do have to wonder though, with his suspicions of seeing Alex on that tape a few episodes back, how did he not realize that Nikita really wasn’t after that phone prototype? I feel like he knows Alex and Nikita are working together but doesn’t want to believe it because to him, it’s too obvious. I just don’t see this ending well.

Let me tell you a story. Ever heard of Anastasia Romanov? Anastasia was a princess, daughter of the last Czar of Russia, a girl born into fabulous wealth and protected by soldiers loyal to her father. But one day when she was a teenager, the Czars enemies stormed the palace; her father’s soldiers powerless, some even betrayed him. He was captured, executed; his entire family vanished with him in the fire, the princess too. However, Anastasia’s body was never found. There were rumors she survived, hiding from her father’s enemies who put a price on her head. You see, if word got out that Anastasia was alive, people loyal to her father would try to restore her to the throne.-Vlad

This episode belonged to Lyndsy Fonesca, she really owned it last night and really showed us what she is capable of. I always find the flashback heavy episodes of Nikita to be the best. They always seem to add an extra layer of complexity to our characters. Some shows can’t pull it off but with Nikita they’ve managed to really make it work. Last night we learned that Alex is actually Alexandra Udinov, the daughter of Nikolai Udinov, one of the Russian Oligarchs who was at the head of the billion dollar Russian empire, Zetrov, and Oil Company that was most likely involved in the arms and drug trade. As we have learned throughout the course of this season that Alex came from a very wealthy family, whom Division was sent to kill. In the episode Free we learned that her father would take her out hunting to teach her survival instincts. In this episode we learned that her father had intended for Alex to take over the family business, telling her it was her duty, her destiny to run the company. (I ‘d just like to say, it is HIGHLY unlikely that Alex would have ever taken over her father’s company. The Russian Oligarchs are run by men NOT woman. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was/or is one of the reasons her father’s enemies had him and family killed.)

We also learned that it was Nikita who killed Alex’s family yet saved Alex from the fire and unknowingly led her to be sold into the sex-trade. Alex was sold to Vlad, a sex-trafficker who smuggled Alex into NYC and made her become a prostitute and allowed her to become a junkie before Nikita saved her life, yet again. We saw that this part of Alex’s past still haunts her and still haunts Nikita. You just know, that by seasons end, there will be a show down between Alex and Nikita. It will be epic and it will be caustic and I for one can’t wait.

Looking at the big picture, this episode gave me that feeling that I think we know where this season is headed. I don’t think it was a coincidence that we saw that Russian version of Division, Gogol, in last week’s episode. I have a feeling that Alex’s father’s company, Zetrov is connected to Gogol. I have a feeling all of these organizations are going to collide together by the end of the season. It is certainly going to be interesting when Division finds out that Alex survived that fire and that they’ve been unknowingly protecting her this whole time. Also, you just know that the minute Percy or Amanda finds out who Alex really is, they will know she is the one connected to Nikita. Unlike Michael, they aren’t that oblivious. Amanda already knows Alex is hiding something and she is determined to find out what it is Alex is hiding.

I really love this show and I really hope that the CW gives it another season because it deserves one. The show may not be one of the best shows on television, but it is certainly better than most shows on TV as long as it keeps away from the traditional CW-soapiness that the network seems to want it to have. Nikita is not a soap, it’s an action packed kick-ass spy thriller that is really becoming something awesome. Also, kudos for using Kensia Solo in this episode, that girl is a fantastic actress.

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