Gossip Girl Review: It Girl Happened One Night

God Damn I love Dan and Blair. I can’t believe it but they are so amazing and I love them and though part of me still does have a soft side for Chuck and Blair, Dair has become so amazing and awesome and I never want them to end…ever. Chuck is off in his on little, I now love Raina and I must save Bass Industries mode too even notice that he totally mis-led Blair into thinking that his feelings for Raina were a scheme. Poor girl, it’s OK, because Humphrey was there to hold your hand, even if you were cold to him at first. Plus you should be happy that you are not your best friend Serena, because shes in another mess per usual.

I could really care less about Serena and Ben anymore. I can’t quite tell the difference between him, Tripp, Colin, and whoever else she’s been “in love” with. None of them have been as interesting as when she was with Nate or Dan or Carter. She goes through a new guy every 5 episodes or so and I am just starting to lose track quite frankly. This time she and Ben have miscommunication problems for like the umpteenth time and she finds out he’s a cater waiter (Dan got him a job) and he feels like he had to hide it. By the Way, its Valentine’s Day and they wanted to take it slow but this is Gossip Girl and Serena van der Woodsen, so yeah, the word slow doesn’t exist (well for everyone else except Dan and Balir.) She then has a fight with Blair who was angry at her for letting her lose Raina for the It girl thing with W. Again its another fight due to miscommunication. It all ends on a happy note with Serena and Blair making up and Serena and Ben making out in a dodgy bar.

In regards to Chuck and all of his drama, he loves Raina but he also loves his legacy. He tries to scheme with Nate’s dad and Nate to get his company back and he ends up getting Lily thrown out of Bass Industries after finding out she had a fling with Russell. It turns out that was what Russell’s plan was all along and even after Chuck throws a fabulous party to show that the Bass name still has potential. It was all a giant failure and Blair ended up having to witness Chuck’s heartfelt apology to Raina and that he had cared for her deeply. See Chuck Bass, this is what happen when you don’t have Blair to help you out, you can’t succeed without her I am afraid. Too bad he doesn’t see this because some else does and guess what, he’s totally staking in on your territory. For the first time Chuck Bass, your competition is Dan Humphrey and he is treating Blair better than you have all season.

I mean seriously, how could anyone have not found their last scenes together so sweet? I adored that Blair had already read and sent in Humphrey’s article and instead of sending it to Details; she sent it to Vanity Fair (which again is totally unrealistic but whateves). Then after telling him that she loved his article he asked if she was ok and she said she would be fine and that she was going to watch Rosemary’s Baby before going to sleep. He responded by asking her what part she was at and she said “it just started” (hint hint, nudge nudge if you catch my drift.) They then continued to watch the movie together over the phone and it was totally adorable. I am falling head over heels in love with these two more and more.

So yes, this episode was brought to a whole new level, because yet again we were given great scenes totally devoted to Dan and Blair. I love these two so much and they just keep getting better and better. It’s funny how neither of them wants to fall for each other; they are just friends leaning on each other for support but the way the writers are developing their relationship is extraordinary.  This type of relationship, in the past, would have been a ratings stunt, they would have had sex, regretted it and it would have created a ton of drama on the UES. That’s what we expected this show to do because, quite frankly, that’s what Gossip Girl is all about. So I am a little shocked that they have chosen to take such a slow route with Dan and Blair.

Next week we see that Blair’s stress levels have reached new heights and Dan and Serena look very worried. At least there’s more Dan and Blair! YAY!

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