Nikita Review: The New Seduction

I really don’t know what to say about last night’s episode of Nikita or for that matter, all the episodes of Nikita that have aired since it came back at the end of January. I thought it would be really awesome seeing Alex on the outside and working with Nikita to fight off Division but I am starting to notice what I feared would happen: the CW is killing this show with its interference. I knew once I had heard that the CW wanted to sex and romanticize up the show of Nikita to improve the woman demo, this show would falter a little. Now, we have a series that doesn’t know how to handle to romance part of the series and mix it with the spy-thriller theme of the show. The reason I like Nikita so much was because we didn’t have to deal with that BS of having to add the romance factor into the show.

Last week we had that huge twist at the end of the episode in which we saw Michael starting to realize that she could be the one involved with Nikita. This week it’s like the show totally abandoned that twist and let her carry on with that neighbor of hers Nathan. I mean we sort of got a nod to it with Michael checking in on her after Nathan answered her phone, but that was more because she had her neighbor in her apartment and he didn’t like that, not because he was worried about her being in cahoots with Nikita.

However, while we are on the subject of Michael, I must say, I really did like where they went with him this episode. We’ve seen that since his wife died, he’s basically let work become his life. We know that there was something with Nikita but we haven’t seen him care about anyone else that much before. So It doesn’t surprise me that he wants to interfere with Alex’s relationship, he’s seen what relationship with outsiders has done countless times and we already know that he is protective of her. Shane West has really grown on me in this show. I really didn’t think he would but I have actually come to really care about his character. I wonder how he is going to feel about Nikita’s budding romance with Ryan.

Yes, Ryan was back tonight needing Nikita’s help on something he didn’t think was related completely to Division. Ryan intercepted a message about the transportation of a very dangerous new weapon. He needs Nikita’s help to stop the deliver and through this she assumes a former alias she once used in Division. Apparently four years prioreer when her relationship with Daniel was taking off, Division made Nikita go undercover as Josephine to seduce a man named Voss, an arms dealer. It was a very hard thing for Nikita at the time and when it was all over, Michael promised her that she never had to assume that identity ever again. However she did because Division set up the whole thing to trap Nikita.

However, because Nikita is always clever at getting back at Division, she gets Alex to help her get information at Division so she can get the weapon away from Division. It works thanks to Ryan’s help, Ryan kisses her and Nikita calls Alex to tell her that she should get to have a life and forget all that crap she and Division told Alex about live the lie until the lie becomes your life. Alex follows through and Nikita looks out onto the ocean thinking about that kiss she just had. Whatever.

To be quite honest, I am actually fine with Nikita’s burgeoning romance with Ryan. I understand that because it seems genuine and real, I can see why he is falling for her and why she might be drawn to him because these two are working together closely and she did save his life and well she is hot. However, I really don’t like what they have done with Alex since they made her an agent and let her live on the outside. I feel like her story with Nathan has become almost more important than the plot of the story. I kind of understand some of the logic that she is becoming like Nikita when she was an agent and letting her emotions get the best of her. However, I don’t want this to become the main part of the story; I want it to be something we come back to every couple of episodes or so.

Next week: Kensia Solo(Life Unexpected and Black Swan ) and the return of Alex’s Russian sex slave past!! This should be quite an excellent episode…I hope!

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