Fringe Review: “Immortality”

This Review will start just after I pinch out this massive cockroach from my neck…

This “over-there” episode of Fringe definitely had one of its “Top-Ten ick moments.” I was glad though that we got to see this case through the eyes of the actual “over-there” people because, quite frankly, I’ve missed them. This episode called “Immortality” told the tale of a man trying to reverse the extinction of the a type of beetle(forgive I can’t remember the name) so he could find a cure for avian flu. He was trying to formulate the experiment by using unwilling humans as hosts, himself being the final host. His final words upon his death were “I hope they know how to spell my name.” Funny thing to say before you die don’t you think? However, I think just the opposite; this was such a brilliant piece of storytelling, contrasting the crazed scientists from “over-there” to the crazed ones “over-here.” It really paralleled nicely with the real story about our favorite “over-here” characters that I am starting/continuing to love.

As much as I didn’t like Fauxlivia “over-here”, I actually kinda loved her “over-there” and when I paused to think about it, I realized I actually did love her while she was worming her way into the heart of our beloved Peter. Anna Torv is brilliant at distinguishing how different these two Olivia’s are and the writers do a great job at creating her characters. So colored me shock(well maybe not so shocked) when they threw the pregnancy bombshell at us. That’s just so CWish and Alias. This show is above that; they shouldn’t be dabbling in the arts of soap opera.

However, as much as the pregnancy bomb shocked me, this episode was still pretty phenomenal. In this episode we were entirely “over-there” and we got to see just how complex the characters “over-there” are and why we should be rooting for them. Yes that’s right, I said we should be rooting for them. How can you not love the “other” Charlie Francis and his reactions to that bug-girl who had a major crush on him? His scenes this week really reminded me how much I miss the character of Charlie “over-there.”

Lets talk about Lincoln Lee and how I have a complete and TV crazed crush on him. I have officially dubbed him my new tv boyfriend. I adore him and his goofy smile and all of his insecurities as the new head boss of the Fringe division “over-there.” I really want the Fringe writers to pen his “over-here” ego as soon as possible because I really want to know what he would be like. His chemistry with Fauxlivia (and our Olivia for that matter) is so palpable and electrifying that it makes all their scenes a joy to watch. I will be utterly devastated if Lincoln is one of the casualties that will occur if the eventual war between the universes occurs. Lets hope that this doesn’t happen because I’ve already had enough heartbreak this year (I am looking at you TVD!)

And then there is Walternate. In the fall, we were pretty much convinced that Walternate was the most evil man out there. However when the last we saw him, we saw a vulnerable side to him during the kidnapping of the little boys that made us realize there was something to this “evil” man. In this episode we saw the rest of those vulnerabilities when he said that wouldn’t test on children. This shows how different yet similar Walternate and Walter really are. I began to realize that maybe Walternate really isn’t as evil as we are led to believe and that maybe its been Walter who has always been more evil because you know the saying, geniuses is close to madness.

So now I am stuck trying to decide how I am going to get past the fact that I am actually starting to care about the people in the alternate universe. This impending war that might occur is now something I fear as well because I have grown to love and care about Lincoln, Alt-Charlie,  Alt-Astrid, and now Fauxlivia and even a little bit of Walternate. When the TPTB said, expect the unexpected in reference to the pregnancy storyline, I think I might have to trust them. The Fringe writers are brilliant storytellers and this cast is just phenomenal. I am so excited to see where rest of this season leads us and I hope we see more “over-there” episodes like this one we saw tonight. I really believe they can take show us a great story that hasn’t been told before and can deliver it well.

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